Friday, February 14, 2014

Working Mom?

Dapat mesej ni petang tadi:

"Dear Suzlin Azreena, thank you for attending the interview on 11/2/14 for the post of Microbiologist. We would like to to offer you the job, starting basic pay @ $**** per month, General Allowance @ $*** & Attendance @ $**, coverage of group hospitalized & personnel insurance. You shall report to work on 17/2/14, Monday @ 8 am. Please confirm acceptance by SMS before 15/2/14. From Ms Wong, Koko Budi"

OK, fine. Honestly said, after 7 months being hobo mom to my little one, berat hati nak tinggal. Serious. But apa-apa pun sooner or later I still have to work and leave Baby Adam with someone, right?

I guess this time tak boleh tolak this opportunity. Kerja dari 8am to 4.30pm, good pay even tak sebanyak Columbia or KPJ, tak ada shift, 5 minute from my house, lab work which doesn't involve lot of people and blablabla. How can I resist? Tapi tak tahulah macam mana keadaannya bila dah kerja nanti. Which of course I will update from time to time. Hohoho.

Dah decide who will take care of Adam. My mom. Adam's milk? I will start pumping and stocked up by tomorrow. Adam's food? I will wake up every morning to cook for him or night before and freeze it up. Bukan susah sangat. Right? If worst comes to worst, Lin dah prepare brown rice for Adam and of course, baby's powder milk which will be the last last last last last last option.

...but still don't know why la still rasa macam nak nangis sebab takut nak tinggal anak *emosi*. Takut Baby Adam tak nangis tapi ibu dia pulak yang lebih-lebih. Hah!

P/S: InsyaAllah semua dipermudahkan. Pray for me, jadi lebih kuat dan tabah sikit.

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Haziq Life said...

Ikut kata hati....kalau tak boleh buat keputusan..kikikij.
Itu kata org tua2 ler

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