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Tasneem Naturel Aromatheraphy Baby Balm Review

Rasanya ramai dah tahu tentang balm viral ni. Jadi kali ni mak nak share my pengalaman mak sendiri menggunakan Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm (This is my 2nd jar!)
Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm
Info Produk : Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm
Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm didatangkan dengan 4 variasi, iaitu:

1. SLEEP TIME - Untuk merangsang hormon tidur serta memudahkan anak untuk tidur sekaligus untuk mendapatkan tidur yang berkualiti.
Kandungan: Carrier Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cedarwood, Lavender, Vetiver, Chamomile, Orange, Marjoram, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang.

2. CALM TIME - Untuk memberi ketenangan serta membantu anak yang meragam atau terlalu aktif.
Kandungan: Carrier Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Lavender, Orange, Mandarin, Geranium, Marjoram, Frankinsense, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile.

3. T-RUB (TUMMY TIME) - Melegakan perut anak yang kembung, sembelit, cirit-birit dan gastrik.
Kandungan: Carrier Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Ginger, Peppermint, Junipers, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, Patchouli, Tangerine, Lavender.

4. CF-RUB (COUGH FLU TIME) - Melegakan batuk dan selesema sera membantu mengurangkan ketidakselesaan ketika demam.
Kandungan: Carrier Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Lemon, Orange, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cypress, Tea Trea, Frankinsence.

Kenapa awak mesti cuba Baby Balm dari Tasneem Naturel?
✔ Balm mengandungi hampir 10 jenis essential oil
✔ Tahan 2-3 bulan
✔ Tak pedih, Tak berminyak dan Tak Panas
✔ Tiada bahan kimia berbahaya seperti SLS, Paraben, dan bahan pewarna
✔ Mendapat kelulusan KKM

At first mak agak skeptical dengan kebanjiran produk-produk sebegini. Tapi, selepas menggunakan sendiri, mak sangat berpuas hati dengan hasilnya. Favourite balm yang memang tak pernah missed calit dekat anak-anak, Calm Time. Mak sapu selepas our massage routine everyday, it does work wonder - prolonged masa "bertenang" anak-anak dan mak ;) (if you know what i mean) Everyone know that skin-to-skin contact and massage ada banyak benefit to mums and baby, somehow using this aromatheraphy balm (which contain high quality EO) membawa lebih banyak kebaikkan to another level.

Paling penting, they love it very much and now mak dah on my second jar after 1 months++ sebab semua orang pun nak pakai *cry* but still, worth it price.

And 2nd favourite on the list would be Sleep Time Balm. Anak mak jarang ada masalah tidur, but I do. 3rd trimester literally kill my sanity as mulalah nak insomnia bagai semua. Indirectly this balm help me to go through that. Honestly bukan lah 100%, when you smell it then you caput terus. But it keeps me calm with Ylang Ylang smell yang soothing amat. Love it. Mak sangat recommend this balm to ibu-ibu (and their baby).

CF-Rub and T-Rub, sangat membantu bila anak demam and tak selesa perut. Kalau selesema then sapu CF-Rub, rasa berangin je, lega pernafasan tapi tak panas. T-Rub pula memang wajib sapu dekat baby lepas mandi. Nak elakkan kembung perut. Boleh gantikan minyak biasa yang ibu selalu guna.

Alhamdulillah, Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm memang membantu mak melayan 1001 kerenah anak-anak. Thanks Tasneem Naturel.

Harga: RM49/18gm

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Kajang, Selangor.
Hotline: 011-20964665 (Order), 010-8453469 (Pendaftaran Agen & Stokis)

Till then, Salam! ;) XOXO

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

40 Akhlaq in Raising Children in Islam

Salam Subuh! ☺️ Just thought I’d share this 40 akhlaq in raising children in Islam. To all parents, please read! It’s a bit lengthy but do read it because knowledge is power and being a parent  needs skills and knowledge 🙂

1. Give gifts to your daughter(s) first.

2. Play with your children. This has an important effect in the training and nurturing of your child. Our leaders in Islam have stressed the importance of this issue, and recommended it highly to Muslims.

It is narrated from the Prophet (S): “The person who has a child, should behave like a child with him.” It is also narrated from Imām °Alī (as): “Anybody who has a child, should, for his/her training, bring themselves down to their level of childhood.”

3. Do not hit your child when they cry, because it is narrated from the Prophet (S): “Do not hit your babies since their crying has a meaning. The first 4 months of crying is professing the unity of Allāh (SwT), the second 4 months of crying is sending blessings upon the Prophet (S) and his family and the third 4 months of crying is the baby praying for the parents.”

4. Kiss your child. It has been narrated from one of the Imāms that: “Kiss your children a great deal because for every kiss, you will be granted a Divine heavenly rank which would otherwise take 500 years to achieve!”

It is also narrated that a man once came to the Prophet (S) and said: “I have never kissed my child.” The Prophet (S) said: “Surely a man like this will be a resident of the fire of hell.”

5. By saying Salām to your child, build their sense of personality and character. If youngsters say Salām, it is obligatory for elders to reply; however, it was a characteristic of the Prophet (S) to say Salām first, whether to elders or youngsters.

6. Do not ridicule the actions of your child, nor call them silly.

7. Do not order or forbid your child too much, as this emboldens them and leads to rebellious behaviour when older.

8. Build your children’s chracters by respecting them. We read in traditions that the Prophet (S)  prolonged his sajdah until his grandson came down from his shoulders, and at other times he recited Ŝalāt al-Jamā°at faster as he heard children of praying mothers crying. Likewise, Imām °Alī  used to ask his children questions about religious matters in the presence of others, and even passed on people’s questions to them to answer.

When parents don’t satisfy the natural urges and desires of the child, the child then resorts to wrong ways and means (often linked to sin) to try and give himself the necessary push to build his sense of self and importance. Personality, independence, will, self-trust, and likewise, weakness, baseness and lack of self-trust are all characteristics the foundations of which are in the lap of the father and bosom of the mother. A child who has not been treated like another human being or a valuable member of the family cannot be expected to have a well formed personality in adulthood.

9. Keep your promises. Keeping promises in Islam is a sign of one’s faith, and Allāh (SwT) mentions it in the Qur`an.

 وَأَوْفُوا بِالْعَهْدِ إِنَّ الْعَهْدَ كَانَ مَسْؤُولاً 
“And fulfil the covenants; indeed all covenants are accountable.”

 وَالَّذِينَ هُمْ لِأَمَانَاتِهِمْ وَعَهْدِهِمْ رَاعُونَ 
“And those who keep their trusts and covenants.”

Keeping promises is one of the pillars of the prosperity of mankind and one of the best qualities of one’s Akhlāq, its base lying in one’s raising and training. It is narrated from the Prophet (S) : “Like your children and treat them with affection and kindness. When you make a promise to them, you must keep it, because children consider you their sustainer.”

10. For the sexual training of children, the parents must first teach their children not to enter their bedroom without asking permission. Allāh (SwT) has pointed to this important point in Surat Nūr, Verse 58:

 يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا لِيَسْتَأْذِنُكُمُ الَّذِينَ مَلَكَتْ أَيْمَانُكُمْ وَالَّذِينَ لَمْ يَبْلُغُوا الْحُلُمَ مِنكُمْ ثَلاَثَ مَرَّاتٍ مِن قَبْلِ صَلاَةِ الْفَجْرِ وَحِينَ تَضَعُونَ ثِيَابَكُم مِّنَ الظَّهِيرَةِ وَمِنْ بَعْدِ صَلاَةِ الْعِشَاء ثَلاَثُ عَوْرَاتٍ لَّكُمْ 
“O you who have faith! Let your permission be sought by your slaves and those of you who have not reached puberty three times: before the dawn prayer, and when you put off your garments at noon, and after the night prayer. These are three times of privacy for you.”

It is also recommended to keep a close watch and control over their actions with others and prevent those actions that increase one’s sexual instinct (e.g. going out in mixed gatherings). It is important to mention that their curiosity is very high in childhood. In addition, they are very sensitive to what they watch and see, and fearlessly want to put it into action and try it out for themselves, without knowing or thinking that what they are doing may not be right.

Some useful points to be noted
a. Mothers should be careful that when tending to the cleanliness of their children (e.g. giving them baths), even newborns, other children are not present, especially those who are of a different gender.

b. From childhood, parents should not play with the child’s genital organs, or even their chest and thighs.

c. Never leave children alone or in private for long periods of time and when they are going through an inquisitive phase. It is also not recommended to leave them unattended with someone else during this time, especially a brother or sister.

d. Do not let girls of 6 years sit on a non-maĥram man’s lap or be kissed by non-maĥram men.

e. Do not let girls be naked in front of others. In particular, their chests and thighs should be covered.

f. Create love for Ŝalāt in your child, as Allāh (SwT) clearly states in the Noble Qur`an that Ŝalāt makes one far from ugly acts.

 إِنَّ الصَّلاَةَ تَنْهَى عَنِ الْفَحْشَاءِ وَالْمُنكَرِ 
“Indeed the prayer prevents indecencies and wrongs.”

11. Spoiling a child creates weakness, and a lack of will and determination. These types of children trouble their parents in their childhood, and make them encounter many problems.

The spoilt children themselves face two types of problems

a. They have expectations that the rest of society will, like their parents, comfort and respect them no matter what, and carry out their wishes without any questions. When they realise that people will not only not do this, but will also ridicule these expectations, they become upset and feel humiliated and debased.

b. Such experiences form the base of contempt and make them angry, aggressive, lacking patience and weak. They become the type of people who think low of others and treat them with harsh words and actions.

12. Nothing silences the sense of self-trust in a child more than forcing him to do things they may not have the capability of doing. This is especially the case when, if the child is unsuccessful, it is followed by belittling statements like: “Don’t bother trying, you can’t, you don’t have the capability.”

13. Pray for your children, both during pregnancy and afterwards.

14. Reminders and requests should be given with gentleness and softness so as not to create a barrier between parents and child. One day, Imām Husain called his children and his brother’s children together and said to them: “All of you are the children of today’s society and, it is hoped, the leaders of tomorrow’s society.

So learn and make efforts in the acquisition of knowledge, and whoever does not have a good memory and cannot memorise the subjects taught by the teacher in teaching sessions, (should) write them down and keep them at home.” Thus we see that the Imām created the love of acquiring knowledge in them without using techniques like scaring or forcing them, but by making them understand that knowledge is the path to honour and esteem.

15. If your child is respected, he/she is less likely to rebel against the rules of the house. Respect and good interaction between parent and child are the bases in forming the child’s character. It is narrated from the Prophet (S): “Respect your children and talk to them with (good) manners and a likeable method.”

16. A good role model is someone who adjusts their children’s desires wisely and with the correct techniques.

17. Foster the faith of your child. Children that have been raised from the beginning with faith in Allāh (SwT) have a strong will and powerful soul and from their early years are mature and courageous; this is easily observed by their actions and words. The readiness of the soul of a child to learn faith and Akhlāq is like fertile ground in which any type of seed can grow. Therefore, parents should teach their child love for Allāh (SwT) and the Ahlul Bayt (as) and leaders of Islam from the earliest opportunities.

It is narrated from Imām as-Ŝādiq (as): “Teach traditions to your children as soon as possible, before opposers (to your beliefs) reach them before you do.”

In traditions, parents who do not take the future life (aakhirat) of their children into consideration are reproached. It is narrated that the Prophet (S)’s gaze fell on some children and he said: “Woe upon the children of the end of time (before the coming of the 12th Imām) because of the disliked methods of their fathers.”

It was asked of him: “Oh Prophet (S) of Allāh (SwT)! Because of their polytheistic fathers?” He replied, “No, because of their Muslim fathers who didn’t teach their children any religious duties. They were content with worthless material things for them. I am weary and exempt of such people…”

It is said that in communist Russia, they used to eliminate the existence of God from the ground roots level; for example, when a child was hungry or thirsty their parents would let them cry and say to them, “Ask God to provide for you.” When the children would do this, and still remain hungry and thirsty, they used to say to them, “See, you cried to God he gave you nothing!

Now ask Lenin (the Russian leader) to provide for you!” When the children would do this, then only would they give them food and drink. The effect of this was that it was instilled in the children from childhood that God doesn’t exist through this very deluded manner. This same concept is condemned in Surat Yāsīn, Verse 47:

 قَالَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا لِلَّذِينَ آمَنُوا أَنُطْعِمُ مَنْ لَّوْ يَشَآءُ اللٌّهُ أَطْعَمَهُ إِنْ أَنْـتُمْ إِلاَّ فِي ضَلاَلٍ مُّبِينٍ 
“The faithless say to the faithful, “Shall we feed (someone) whom Allāh (SwT) would have fed, had He wished? You are only in manifest error.”“

However, this is a wonderful lesson to us as to how Allāh (SwT) should be introduced to a child from young age. Whenever a child gets to that age that he understands that whenever they desire something they need to ask their parents, their parents should ask them first to ask from Allāh (SwT). Then when they provide the desired object, they should stress that it reached them through the blessings of Allāh (SwT). Thus, as they grow up, they will be able to see Allāh (SwT) as the underlying principal behind every action.

18. Stay away from wrist-grabbing and bossy behaviour with children.

19. One of the duties of parents is to foster the innate nature of telling the truth in children. Their behaviour in the house should be such that this becomes a habit. However, this is one of the more difficult areas of raising a child and attention to knowledge and action is very important.

It is narrated in a tradition from the Prophet (S): “May Allāh (SwT) have mercy on the person that helps his child in (doing) good.” The narrator of the tradition asked: “How?” In his reply, the Prophet (S) gave 4 instructions:

a. Whatever the child has in his power and has carried out, accept it.

b. Don’t expect that which is hard for him.

c. Prevent him from sin.

d. Don’t lie to him, or do silly things.

20. Do not use fear as a method of raising your child, as this causes damage to their personality and leads to psychological problems. In particular, excess punishment by the mother weakens the relationship and value that the child has for his mother in his heart. Often a look or silence can be more effective in making the child understand their mistake than hitting them or scaring them.

21. Cuddling and kissing a child is one of their soul-foods, and it is necessary that enough of this is given to them. One of the reasons that a child is crying may be that they are thirsty for this expression of love. Children who grow up with plenty of love have confident personalities which are not swayed by the difficulties that crop up in life.

It is narrated from Imām as-Ŝādiq (as): “Certainly Allāh (SwT) shows mercy upon His servants who have strong love for their offspring.” It is also narrated from the Imām: “Prophet (S) Mūsā said the following to Allāh (SwT) when he was on the mountain of Tur: “O Allāh (SwT)! Which act is the best one according to you?” Allāh (SwT) replied: “Loving children is the best act.”“

22. Parents have a responsibility to make their children understand the indecency of sin and create an aversion for people who partake in this, and likewise, to reproach the bad and encourage the child’s good actions. However, reproach and admiration has its time and place and should not be overdone as this itself can corrupt a child.

23. The beds of children of 6 years and above should be separated from each other, even if they are both daughters or both sons.

24. As well as the natural characteristics that the child inherits from his parents, the environment and Nurture of the child have a profound effect. It is highly unlikely that in a family that does not function properly, a normal and natural child is raised.

In particular, the instructions of parents only have an effect if the parents lead by example. The first step of raising children is the Nurture of the self. Somebody who does not possess good Akhlāq cannot guide another to this, and similarly, hot-tempered parents cannot usually raise a calm and patient child.

Children need to be taught that characteristics such as lying, back-biting, bad language, etc. are disliked, and naturally, the child will refrain from such when the parents themselves have set such examples.

25. There should be a difference in the order and expectations of the behaviour of a child inside the home, and out. At home, allow the child to play freely.

26. Always bear the unexpected behaviour of your child to a limit and do not always take the mistakes of your child to be unforgivable, so that you are not always compelled to punish. Patience, coping and forgiveness are a must when raising children. If your child has a quality that you do not like, it should be corrected in a wise manner without displaying contempt of the child, and the correct manner of doing things should be shown at the same time as stopping him/her from old ways.

When parents constantly tell the child off, they are belittling the child and not only are they not going to be successful in reforming the child, but are also going to create stubbornness in them. It is narrated from Imām °Alī (as): “Excess reproach fuels the fire of stubbornness.”

27. When instructing your child, don’t mention the names of other children constantly, or compare them with others.

28. Stories are a useful and important method of encouraging good qualities and characteristics, and discouraging bad ones, such as the rights of friends, faith, etc. The Noble Qur`an uses this method to do the same as mentioned in Surat Yūsuf, Verse 111:

 لَقَدْ كَانَ فِي قَصَصِهِمْ عِبْرَةٌ لِّأُولِي الأَلْبَابِ 
“There is certainly a moral in their accounts for those who possess intellect.”

It is important to keep the following in mind when selecting stories:

a. They should mention Allāh (SwT)  in some form or the other, and be narrated with the intention of Nurturing the personality and characteristics of your child.

b. Attention should be paid to the child’s age, intelligence and mental state when choosing a story.

c. There shouldn’t be extremes, or lies or rumours far from the truth in the stories.

d. They should contain answers to the questions of the child.

e. The best stories should be chosen, just as Allāh (SwT) has stated in Surat Yūsuf, Verse 3:

 نَحْنُ نَقُصُّ عَلَيْكَ أَحْسَنَ الْقَصَصِ 
“We will recount to you the best of narratives.”

f. Truth and righteousness should always prevail in the stories.

g. The main character (who is the role model) of the stories should not possess deviations or bad characteristics.

h. The stories should not be too lengthy or tiring for the child.

29. The mischievousness of your child in the early years is a sign of increased intelligence in the older years, so you shouldn’t be too worried or punish it too much.

30. Make your children perform Ŝalāt from 7 years, and fast from 9 years, either half day or more or less, depending on their abilities.

It is narrated from Imām as-Ŝādiq (as): “When our children reach 5 years of age, we tell them to pray ŝalāt, so you tell your children to do this when they reach 7 years of age; and we tell our chidren at the age of 7 years to fast however much they have the ability to, half a day, or more, or less, and to break their fast when they become hungry or thirsty so that they get used to fasting and develop the ability for it, so you tell your children at the age of 9 years to fast however much they have the ability for, and when thirst overcomes them, to break their fast.”

It is also narrated in a tradition: “We command our children to (do) the tasbih of Haďrat Fāťima, just like we command them to (pray) Ŝalāt.”

It is important to remember that in acts of worship, just like everything else, there should be moderation. It is narrated from the Prophet (S): “Islam is the firm religion of Allāh (SwT). Go forth with moderateness and don’t do something that will make your heart pessimistic to the worship of Allāh (SwT).”

31. Do not be quick to accuse your children of lying because until 5 years, real lying or lying out of self-interest is rare; rather it is due to their active imagination, related to playing or creating astonishment in others, or to the child’s exploration of the self.

32. Do not condemn a child who has tired you with their questions, as this weakens their sense of curiousity.

33. Try not to quarrel, especially in front of the child, as this troubles them greatly and affects their personality.

34. Children have a particular fear of the word death, especially death of their mother or father. Therefore, where it is not necessary, don’t speak constantly of your death, or the like. However, do teach your child the truth about death, clearly and calmly and without eliciting fear.

35. Find out about your child’s talents and develop these as much as possible.

36. In terms of wordly aspects, do not over-saturate your child so that they go on the wrong path, nor under do it, as both these methods are dangerous.

37. The single most important cause of the happiness of the child is the kindness of the parents. No other quality can create happiness and calmness in a child-like love, and likewise, no other quality can disturb and trouble a child like the lack of affection from the parents.

Children of parents who are successful in this area try their best to please their parents and stay away from actions that will displease and trouble them, both in their childhood and when they are older. Therefore, love and affection not only satisfies the needs of the child but ensures their obedience.

Allāh (SwT) has referred to this impact of kindness in the Noble Qur`an, in Surat Āli-’ Imrān, Verse 159:

 فَبِمَا رَحْمَةٍ مِّنَ اللٌّهِ لِنتَ لَهُمْ وَلَوْ كُنتَ فَظًّا غَلِيظَ الْقَلْبِ لاَنفَضُّوا مِنْ حَوْلِكَ 
“It is by Allāh (SwT)’s mercy that you are gentle to them; and had you been harsh and hardhearted, surely they would have scattered from around you.”

It is important to note that there should not be extremes; too much love, just like too little, is destructive to the child; therefore practise the middle path and raise your child in such a manner that they are able to stand on their own two feet when older.

It is narrated from Imām as-Ŝādiq (as): “The worst fathers are those who, in their goodness and love towards their child, go over the limits and incline to excesses.”

38. It is important that the parents give freedom and independence to their children according to their capabilities, so that they develop their initiative, innate independence and self-trust. At the same time, one must be careful not to exceed the limits so that children bring harm to themselves.

Some parents, either to free themselves of their responsibilities or because of misplaced love, leave their children completely to their own devices; however, before long, the child grows up without knowing anything of their responsibilities in the house, or otherwise. It is at this point parents try to instil this in their children, not surprisingly without any effect.

Other parents however, do the opposite and do not give their children enough opportunities to lead their own activities, constantly interfering in what their children are doing and how. Both are wrong and have negative consequences.

39. Raising your child properly is one of the responsibilities of a parent, and lack of attention to this responsibility is a cause of reproach of the Imāms. One should try their best through various ways to create the love of Allāh (SwT) and the Ahlul Bayt (as), so that the child follows the right path. Insofar as the requisite of love is acquaintance and knowledge, one should try their best to instil this in their children.

40. Teach your children the Qur`an. Recitation of Qur`an in the home spreads the superior words of the truth and reality of Islam. Being in an environment where one is familiar with the Noble Qur`an, listens to the recitation of the Noble Qur`an and acts upon the instructions of the Noble Qur`an, has a strong effect on the child’s life.

Every time parents recite Qur`an, children are encouraged to do the same and follow them in this habit. In particular, those children who have a naturally strong memory and are talented can easily memorise the Qur`an, which will benefit them forever.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Jemputan ke Sambutan Fiesta Nanas 60 Tahun LPNM

Fiesta Nanas LPNM 60
Lembaga Perindustrian Nanas Malaysia (LPNM) akan mengadakan Fiesta Nanas sempena ulang tahun LPNM yang ke-60 bermula pada 15 Disember hingga 17 Disember 2017 (10 pagi-10 malam) bertempat di Bandar Baru Pontian, Johor.
Fiesta Nanas LPNM 60
Fiesta Nanas yang akan dianjurkan ini akan mengembeling tenaga daripada pelbagai agensi/jabatan di bawah MOA dan Kerajaan Negeri serta Daerah Pontian.  Dalam program tersebut, pelbagai aktiviti menarik yang akan diadakan termasuk forum perdana, motorsport show, bicycle ride, persembahan pentas, demostrasi masakan, pertandingan memancing/memasak, wheel of fortune, cabutan bertuah, pameran/jualan serta business matching. LPNM menganggarkan bilangan pengunjung adalah melebihi 10 ribu orang.

Orang ramai di jemput hadir ;)

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Ceritanya, mak rehat baring. Perut dengan pinggang mak sengal-sengal macam biasalah. So mak tak fikir apa. Then tetiba rasa nak terkentut, tapi macam payah sikit cam something tersekat. Swoosh~ air keluar. Mak angkat kain sambil mengucap panik sebab nampak tangan baby. Mak tepuk dahi, cakap alah adik kenapa tak keluar kat hospital~ kena report polis la ni.

Time tepuk dahi tu mak terjaga. Mimpi rupanya. Risau gila mak. Mungkin sebab mak banyak fikir as kali ni mak plan kononnya dah sakit tahap dewa baru nak gerak hospital.

TAPI tulah masalahnya, BILANYA EXACT TIME NAK KENA PERGI. Honestly selama ni pergi ikut gerak hati je. HAHAHA. Boleh gitu? Mak time beranak mana ada sakit kuat, tak ada tanda. Sengal-sengal je. Hx, selalu baby mmg cuma jejak 35, 37 weeks. Tak ada tanda lain, air ketuban tak keluar, darah pun tak ada. Semua pecah dekat hosp. Tu pun sbb mmg dah OS4, active labour dah. Mak cakap mak tak rasa, tapi dekat chart memang ada contraction. Bila betul sakit, (memang sakit gila!) bawah dah 9-10 maknanya baby lg 10-15 min nak keluar. Tupun sebab mak tahan. Stay dlm LR dari anak 1 sampai 3 acah-acah 1st time, sebab lama gila nak tggu dilate. Berejam. Mak paling benci doing nothing. Kalau sakit boleh la kau melayan sakit. Ni nothing. Ko stare je kat ceiling, nak wudhu nurse tak kasi bangun dah. Terbaring. Nak kencing lagi. Baca semua dlm hati je. Dengar orang LR sebelah menjerit-jerit buat mak lagi pening dan panik attack. Teringat anak kat rumah lagi, dah makan ke? Main dekat luar ke? OK ke? Apa ke?

Dia punya tepu smpi mak cakap hai nak~ 9 bulan duduk dlm perut sempit-sempit takkan taknak keluar plak. Come on la bro, finish this faster. Mak memang ada masalah menghadap ketepuan ini. Mak jenis kusut sikit kalau statik. Mungkin mak ada ADHD. eh 😂

1. Mungkin mak risau mak terberanak dkt rumah.

2. Mungkin mak risau Adam dah nak bersekolah next month. Actual school, bukan playschool 2 jam.

3. Mungkin mak ada separation anxiety, sebab sekarang dah start hantar Adam, Iman dengan Fateh dekat babysitter (dan baca kembali probability no. 2)

Doakan mak guys. Doakan mak dipermudahkan pun ya juga. Tapi jangan mudah sangat, takut tak dan pi hospital plak 😂 Dah makin dekat due ni mak jadi cepat panik 24/7 tak tahu kenapa.

#RantsAndRaving #ceritamak #preggymonster

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Jadual Minggu Persekolahan 2018 - Kumpulan A dan B

Jadual Minggu Persekolahan 2018 - Kumpulan A
Jadual Minggu Persekolahan 2018 - Kumpulan B
Dah boleh merancang percutian untuk anak-anak tahun hadapan ;) Semoga bermanfaat!

Jadual Pembayaran Gaji Penjawat Awam 2018

Jadual pembayaran gaji penjawat awam 2018
Jadual Sela Gaji Penjawat awam awam 2018
Semoga bermanfaat ;)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Bacaan Selawat Maulidur Rasul


‎صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَى مُحَمَّد
Selawat Allah ke atas Muhammad
‎صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ
Selawat salam dipohon lagi
‎صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَى مُحَمَّد
Selawat Allah ke atas Muhammad
‎صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ
Selawat salam dipohon lagi

‎يَا نَبِيْ سَلاَمٌ عَلَيْكَ
Wahai Nabi salam atasmu
‎يَا رَسُوْل سَلاَمٌ عَلَيْكَ
Wahai Rasul, salam atasmu
‎يَا حَبِيْبُ سَلاَمٌ عَلَيْكَ
Wahai kekasih, salam atasmu
‎صَلَوَاتُ الله عَلَيْكَ
Selawat Allah ke atasmu

‎أَشْرَقَ الْبَدْرُ عَلَيْنَا
Bulan purnama menyinari kita
‎فَاخْتَفَتْ مِنْهُ الْبُدُوْرُ
Hilang segala cahaya
‎مِثْلَ حُسْنِكَ مَا رَأَيْنَا
Indah menawan tak pernah dilihat
‎قَطُّ يَا وَجْهَ السُّرُوْرِ
Wajah gembira sepanjang hayat

‎أَنْتَ شَمْسٌ أَنْتَ بَدْرٌ
Kaulah matahari, kaulah bulan
‎أَنْتَ نُوْرٌ فَوْقَ نُوْرٍ
Kaulah cahaya mengatasi cahaya
‎أَنْتَ إِكْسِيْرٌ وَغَالِي
Kaulah rahsia hidup mulia
‎أَنْتَ مِصْبَاحُ الصُّدُوْرِ
Kaulah menyuluhi jiwa

‎يَا حَبِيْبِيْ يَا مُحَمَّد
Wahai kekasihku, ya Muhammad
‎يَا عَرُوْسَ الْخَافِقَيْنِ
Wahai pendamping indah sejagat
‎يَا مُؤَيَّدُ يَا مُمَجَّدُ
Wahai Nabi dijulang dipuja
‎يَا إِمَامَ الْقِبْلَتَيْنِ
Wahai imam 2 kiblat

‎مَنْ رَأَى وَجْهَكَ يَسْعَد
Bahagialah orang memandang wajahmu
‎يَا كَرِيْمَ الْوَالِدَيْنِ
Wahai penghulu keturunan mulia
‎حَوْضُكَ الصَّافِى الْمُبَرَّد
Kolam airmu sejuk jernih
‎وِرْدُنَا يَوْمَ النُّشُوْرِ
Kunjungi kami pada hari akhirat

‎عَالِمُ السِّرِّ وَأَخْفَى
Allah mengetahui rahsia sulit
‎مُسْتَجِيْبُ الدَّعَوَاتِ
Dialah menyahut semua seruan
‎رَبِّ إرْحَمْنَا جَمِيْعًا
Wahai Tuhan Rahmatilah kami
‎بِجَمِيْعِ الصَّالِحَاتِ
Dengan segala amalan soleh

‎وَصَلاَةُ الله عَلَى أَحْمَد
Selawat Allah ke atas Muhammad
‎عَدَّ تَحْرِيْرِ السُّطُوْرِ
Sebanyak baris kertas ditulis
‎أَحْمَدُ الْهَادِي مُحَمَّد
Ahmad Muhammad petunjuk jalan
‎صَاحِبُ الْوَجْهِ الْمُنِيْرِ
Empunya wajah berseri menawan

‎صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَى مُحَمَّد
Selawat Allah ke atas Muhammad
‎صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ
Selawat salam dipohon lagi
‎صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَى مُحَمَّد
Selawat Allah ke atas Muhammad
‎صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ
Selawat salam dipohon lagi

‎اَللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ وَسَلِّمْ وَبَارِكْ عَلَيْهِ
Wahai Tuhan, selawat dan salam dan keberkatan atasnya

Monday, November 20, 2017

Daily Quotes #26

Hi and Happy Monday!
"If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a remote,"

Don't let others control your life. Live it your own way. There's no need to please everyone, follow their timeline or else ;) Ditch negative people and you will be happy.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ranking Alexa #TheRealBloggerMak - 19 November 2017

alexa ranking

Global Rank: 2,907,213

Rank in Malaysia: 49,997

Sumber: SINI

Rekod Sebelum INI.

Sebulan lepas ada update tentang ranking Alexa mak. Nampaknya bulan ni jatuh merundum especially ranking dalam Malaysia; dari 19K ke 49K. Tak apa, akhir bulan ni kita tengok macam mana performance nya.

Sumbangan: Projek Beg Sekolah 2018

Projek Bag Sekolah
RM30 mungkin kecil nilainya pada kita tetapi tidak kepasa mereka.

Dikala kita mengeluh susah, ramai yang lebih susah hingga anak terpaksa memakai beg plastik sahaja ke sekolah!

Ada pula memendam rasa bertahun tidak dapat membelikan beg baharu untuk anak-anak.

Dengan 1 beg, kita bawa 1000 senyuman kepada mereka.

Ayuh bantu kami. Kami sangat perlukan sumbangan anda! Berapapun nilainya, kami terima

Sumbangan boleh disalurkan ke akaun Maybank 566010623957 di atas nama Pertubuhan Projek Beg Sekolah.

Terima kasih kerana menyebarkan mesej ini :)

Untuk keterangan lanjut boleh lawati Projek Beg Sekolah di Facebook: Projek Beg Sekolah (PBS) 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

FREE One-Year Eva Box Subscription today!

Get your FREE One-Year Subscription of Eva today! (limited time offer)
Eva is 100% organic cotton pads, liners, and tampons delivered monthly to your door. Toxin-free, worry-free periods. 

Sign up here at Eva Box

#evasubscription #betterperiod

Saturday, November 11, 2017


As anak minang+bugis sejati, setakat kunyah cili tu small matter je. Apetah lagi setakat seketol ramen. Kahkahkah. Been trying banyak kali Samyang noodle yang biasa sebelum ni, sedap betul texture ramen dia. Kenyal. Dah jadi macam addicted pulak. Tapi membayangkan sebungkus je dah RM8, mak kuburkan saje nafsu yang rakus itu. Sekali sekala boleh la. Hahaha.

Kisahnya Kak Ayuni belanja mak Mee Samyang. Mula-mula mak hesitate nak makan. Kalau gastrik ni parah je cari penyakit. Kebetulan masa sampai parcelnya, mak baru je tahu mak dah pregnant 2nd semester! Talking bout too busy to get to know your ownself bila dah ada 3 superheroes ni. Kesudahannya dah 3rd trimester keluar masuk stor, dok belek-belek teringin pula mak. Hahaha. 

Jom ikuti perjalanan mak makan Mee Samyang Nuclear pedas berapi tu. Video dalam stor namanya ni ;)

Alhamdullillah mak survive. Malah masih kelaparan selepas all the torment and torture. Kahkahkah. Finish it without minum air ok~ *pat myself and insert an evil laugh here*

If you want to want to try some, you can get it from Kak Ayuni Rafilah Carousell @yunfila. Bukan setakat Ramen, macam-macam ada dekat sana ;)

Kalau awak dah try beritahu mak ok? 
Till then, Salam.

Friday, November 10, 2017


Mamteen Tablet Kunyahan Susu
Sebagai ibu yang mengandung dan menyusukan, Lin sentiasa memerlukan makanan tambahan bagi menampung nutrisi keperluan harian. Baru-baru ini, Lin berpeluang mencuba sendiri produk terbaru di pasaran; MAMTEEN tablet kunyahan susu dengan delima dan kurma serta beberapa bahan lain yang dapat dapat membekalkan tenaga kepada kaum ibu yang melalui fasa kehamilan dan menyusukan anak.

Cara makan pun mudah sahaja, kunyah 2-3 biji sehari sebelum sarapan. Lin letak tepi katil, as bila bangun Subuh terus capai dan makan. Rasanya masam manis dan sangat sesuai untuk ibu yang tak boleh nak minum susu setiap hari. Tak ada rasa loya walaupun diambil ketika perut kosong. Jika ibu ada masalah alahan dengan kolagen, ibu tidak perlu risau kerana MAMTEEN tidak mengandungi sebarang jenis kolagen dan tidak menyebabkan kegemukkan.
Cara Tambah Pengeluaran Susu
Botol kecil yang senang dibawa ke mana-mana

Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Krimer Bukan Tenusu, Serbuk Susu Skim, Estrak Jus Delima, Vitamin C, Esktrak Tomato, Estrak Bunga Mawar, Estrak Kurma, Serbuk DHA, Campuran Vitamin dan Mineral, Lutein, Estrak Brokoli, Estrak Daun Zaitun, Serbuk Saffron dan Sukralosa.

Tablet kunyahan MAMTEEN ini mengandungi tiga bahan utama iaitu susu, delima dan kurma. Manakala bahan tambahan lain bagi membantu penyokongan terhadap keberkesanan tablet ini adalah brokoli, tomato, saffron, dan daun zaitun.

  • Delima dapat membantu mendapatkan bayi yang sihat dan kulit yang cantik.
  • Memberi tenaga untuk ibu mengandung dan menyusu.
  • Membantu mengurangkan alahan ibu mengandung.
  • Buah delima baik untuk penghadaman perut.
  • Delima berkesan mengurangkan kemungkinan diserang kanser prostat, kanser paru-paru dan kanser payudara.
  • Buah delima memberi kesan semula jadi kerana dapat mnyahtoksid dan meningkatkan kecantikan kulit semula jadi. Kulit yang sihat merupakan dambaan setiap orang.
  • Mencegah keletihan.
  • Mencegah rasa mual.
  • Membantu memberi tenaga untuk ibu mengandung dan menyusu.
  • Membantu menstabilkan tahap kolestrol dalam darah.
  • Kandungan gulanya 50 hingga 57 peratus glukosa (glukosa memberikan tenaga kepada ibu mengandung untuk melakukan aktiviti seharian)
  • Tenaga diserap serta merta selepas makan kurma.
  • Kaya dengan zat besi, kalsium, fosforus, sodium, potasium, vitamin A dan C dan juga niasin.
  • Zat besi, tembaga dan vitamin A dalam susu baik untuk kecantikan iaitu mencantikkan kulit agar kekal bersinar.
  • Kalsium susu dapat menguatkan tulang.
  • Kandungan magnesium dalam susu dapat memberikan kekuatan kepada jantung dan sistem saraf.
  • Mengandungi kalsium yang dapat mengurangkan risiko kanser terutama kanser usus besar.
  • Mengandungi “Conjugated Linoleic Acid” (CLA) yang membantu meningkatkan metabolisme dan mengurangkan reaksi alergi makanan.
  • Mengandungi protein berkualiti tinggi dan banyak lagi.
  • Meningkatkan sistem imunisasi kerana brokoli kaya dengan beta-carotene, zinc dan selenium yang menguatkan system imunisasi.
  • Mengurangkan risiko kecacatan dalam kandungan kerana secawan brokoli mengandungi 94mg asid folik, iaitu salah satu vitamin B yang sangat penting untuk tumbesaran janin semasa dalam kandungan.
  • Mengurangkan penyakit kencing manis ini kerana brokoli kaya dengan fiber dan rendah kandungan gula, penggunaan insulin dapat dibekalkan pada tahap yang minimum.
  • Menggalakkan kesihatan tulang kerana brokoli mengandungi lebih banyak kalsium berbanding kebanyakkan produk tenusu, serta mengandungi vitamin K yang menggalakkan tulang yang sihat sekaligus dapat menghindarkan osteoporosis di usia muda.
  • Vitamin C di dalam brokoli yang bertindak sebagai antioksidan dan anti-keradangan membantu melegakan symptom selsema.
  • Membekalkan badan dengan vitamin dan mineral yang banyak seperti vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, B7, vitamin C, folat, zat besi, potassium, magnesium, chromium, choline dan phosphorus.
  • Tomato mengandungi asid coumaric dan asid chlorogenic yang boleh melindungi badan daripada bahan yang karsinogen (bahan yang boleh menyebabkan kanser) yang dihasilkan oleh asap rokok.
  • Memperbaiki sistem penghadaman dan mengelakkan sembelit.
  • Mengurangkan bahaya pengambilan ubat statin, ubat yang boleh mengurangkan tahap kolestrol badan dengan mengurangkan penghasilannya oleh hati, dengan menyekat tindak balas enzim. Pengambilan ubat ini ada implikasinya, antaranya adalah penyakit hati.
  • Mencerdaskan minda, penyakit radang paru-paru, sakit tekak dan tonsil.
  • Sebarang masalah kulit, menghindarkan batuk dan selsema.
  • Memudahkan penghadaman dan menghilangkan bau mulut.
  • Membuang angin dan asid yang berkumpul dalam perut.
  • Menambahkan tenaga zahir dan batin.
  • Pertumbuhan akal dan fizikal bayi serta kanak-kanak.
  • Awet muda dengan kulit cerah dan bersih.
  • Bahan penenang bagi masalah kemurungan dan runsing.
  • Mengurangkan kesakitan pada kanak-kanak ketika tumbuh gigi.
  • Melancarkan perjalanan haid yang tidak menentu.
  • Menguatkan ingatan dan menghilangkan keletihan.
  • Menyembuhkan sakit perut, pening, sakit gigi, sakit mata dan pelbagai penyakit lain.
Daun Zaitun
  • Daun Zaitun banyak digunakan untuk menjaga kestabilan gula darah dalam tubuh.
  • Kandungan antioksidan di dalam daun Zaitun ini lebih tinggi dibandingkan teh hijau yang selama ini dikenal sebagai sumber antioksidan yang sangat baik bagi tubuh.
  • Daun Zaitun dapat mencegah kerosakan saraf dan mencegah penyakit kanser.


Wanita yang sedang berikhtiar untuk hamil (TTC - Try To Conceive)
Kandungan di dalam MAMTEEN dapat membantumenstabil dan menyuburkan hormon wanita (vitamin C, kurma, estrak daun zaitun, Saffron powder dan DHA)

Wanita yang sedang hamil
Boleh diambil oleh wanita yang hamil seawal 12 minggu kandungan ke atas dan selamat untuk ibu serta bayi kerana ianya mempunyai kelulusan KKM dan kilang GMP

Wanita dalam pantang dan menyusu
Kandungan di dalam MAMTEEN dapat bertindak sebagai MilkBooster

Wanita yangmempunyai masalah period tidak teratur/hormon tidak stabil
MAMTEEN bertindak sebagai makanan tambahan yang memberikan tenaga berpanjangan serta menstabilkan hormon wanita. Berat tidak stabil, jerawat, depresi, masalah kesuburan dll kebanyakannya berpunca dari hormon yang tidak stabil.

Wanita yang mementingkan kecantikan dalaman dan luaran ;)


Ramai yang sudah mencuba sendiri keberkesanan produk MAMTEEN dengan adanya testimoni-testimoni serta maklumbalas positif.
Mamteen Milkbooster
 Mamteen Milkbooster
Lin dah habiskan sebotol MAMTEEN dan sangat berpuas hati dengan kesan yang diberikan. Kurang rasa mual, dan yang paling best sekali muka kelihatan berseri dan kemerahan je. Biasanya kalau ikutkan pengalaman mengandung lepas, mesti ada jerawat timbul area dahi dan kulit kering. Tapi, kini tidak lagi. Alhamdulillah.

Jadi bagaimana? Harap sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu ibu-ibu di luar sana membuat pilihan yang terbaik. MAMTEEN boleh dibeli secara terus daripada MAMTEEN HQ di Facebook atau pengedar berdekatan anda.

RM65/ Semenanjung Malaysia
RM69/ Sabah dan Sarawak
(Sebotol mengandungi 30 tablet, boleh diambil 1-2 tablet sehari untuk kesan maksima. Sebaiknya 15-30 minit sebelum sarapan pagi)

Layari Facebook dan Instagram MAMTEEN untuk mengetahui pelbagai info serta tips kehamilan dan menyusu serta promosi tentang MAMTEEN Advanced Formulation.

Instagram: MAMTEEN HQ

Facebook: MAMTEEN HQ

Salam, till then ;)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Tarikh Penting Dalam Islam Tahun 2018/1439H-1440H

Tarikh-tarikh Penting Dalam Islam Tahun 2018/1439H-1440H bagi Malaysia:
Tarikh penting islam 1439-1440 Hijrah
Semoga bermanfaat ;)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Berkenaan Pizza with Mission Pizza Crust

Pizza idea topping fast cheap
Salam and Hi. Mak cuma nak share tentang this product: Mission Pizza Thin Crust ;) Mak love pizza, siapa yang tak suka kan? Normally mak akan beli je. Tapi seratus kali fikir juga. Why? Sebab mahal. Kenapa mahal? Sebab I will add on a lot of different topping end up regular size pizza sahaja dah RM20+. Nak buat sendiri, malas leceh nak menguli. Dan it texture doesn't feel right. Yes, mak dah try several times and kurang mahir. 

But I love thin crust anyway, sebab kalau nak makan yang jenis pan crust/beroti, I can simply make a sandwich. It's all about topping and crunchy pizza crust. Macam 1 kepuasan, if you know what I mean ;) #kakimakan

Thank god ada this kind of product in the market. Bila craving pizza, boleh buat and makan bila-bila masa anytime within 15 minutes. Got any leftover? Just chop-chop, put that gooey-goodness mozarella, a bit parmesan or cheddar for that salty savoury bites and bake in the oven for bout 10 minutes and makan!

Semalam mak buat tuna and crabmeat pizza. Apply tomato sauce a bit, italian herbs, thousand island mayo, tuna, crabstick (a lot!) onion and of course mozarella and cheddar. Barulah complete. Yummy, 2 batch licin.

Sebab dia crunchy, lepas ni mak nak try buat chips or maybe a bruschetta or any finger foods for my superheroes. Or maybe I should prepare a chicken wrap for picnic this weekend. Yeah! Till then, Salam.

P/S: Thanks Ruby ;)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I'm a Mission's Pizza Contest Winner

This is it, Mak menang Mission's Pizza Contest held by Ruby.My and Mission Foods Malaysia. Thank you Ruby and Mission Foods Malaysia.
resepi pizza paling mudah
Mak dapat pizza peels/paddle, pizza cutter and 2 set of Mission Food Pizza Crust in 2 flavours: Plain and Wholemeal.

For those always on the go but would still like a delicious home-made meal, grab Mission’s all new Pizza Crust, perfect for creating great meals and great memories. You know you’ve got the best when its made by one of the world’s largest flatbread makers.

Each pack some with two shelf-stable (unfrozen, ambient) 10” diameter untopped pizza crusts. Available in two flavours – Plain and Wholemeal, the crispy thin pizza crusts have the signature Mission taste, and are made using the finest ingredients for that authentic Italian taste. Now that the crust is sorted, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating pizza toppings which doubles as a fun family activity as well.

Try a basic Margarita Pizza with a basic tomato sauce and cheese, or meatier, stackier versions, or even dessert pizzas! Quick, simple and convenient meals enjoyed by the whole family is now made easier with Mission’s Pizza Crusts.

Established in 1959, Mission Foods, is one of the world’s largest tortilla, flatbread and corn flour producers in the world and is engaged primarily in the production, marketing, distribution and sale of tortillas, tacos, corn chips, wraps, flatbreads, corn and wheat flour.

Over 20,000 people are employed globally across all the operations with facilities in Mexico, the USA, Central America, Europe and Asia Pacific. All products for the Malaysian foodservice market is made out of the state of the art facilities in the Region, namely, Selangor Malaysia and Shanghai China. The division’s main brand is Mission®.

With 60 years successful experience, Mission Foods manufacture over 25% of the world’s flatbreads demonstrating clear global leadership, making the company the world’s largest manufacturer of these products.

Our Malaysia plant is ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2000 certified by UKAS in 2006, and also HALAL certified by JAKIM and our Shanghai plant is ISO -9000, HACCP, ISO-14000, OHSAS-18000 and GFSI certification under FSSC-22000.

For more info, do keep a look out for new recipes, promotions and contests on their Facebook Page @missionfoodsmalaysia and Instagram

Alhamdulillah. Mak memang suka product Mission Food, especially wrap perisa onion and chive. Prepare earlier, wrap in aluminium foil. Bila nak makan, cuma panaskan dalam microwave or oven. Senang, cepat dan mudah. Yang paling penting, sihat ;)

Nanti mak up recipe mudah menggunakan pizza crust Mission ni. Till then, Salam and Happy Deepavali.

Monday, October 16, 2017

My 4th Pregnancy

Sebenarnya Mak tak tahu nak cerita pasal apa kalau bab pregnancy ni. Dah 3 previous pregnancy, maybe I should share bout my experience prenatal, postnatal, sort of? or my experience masa mak mula-mula TTC (try to conceive)? I don't know. But honestly pregnancy this time memang penat ya ampun juggling with my current 3 superheroes, dengan segala macam ailment, work stuff (I'm WAHM), house chores etc. all alone. Tuhan je lah tahu betapa rasa nak give up je kekadang.

Heh, I'm just being real and YES, IT'S A BOY, again. Ni last, lepas ni Mak nak tutup production dah *facepalm*

Did I told you that Mak pergi 4D Scan last month dekat Klinik Nur Aini, Pasir Gudang? RM100 for pic and video (dalam CD) and printed report. Best jugalah, tapi tak boleh compare Columbia Hospital punya 4D scan (with Dr. Rajesh, highly recommended).
4d scan 26 weeks
Baby sembunyikan muka, but kalau tengok above picture betul-betul you can see side of his face. He move actively masa scan session. Kejap pusing sana, kejap pusing sini. Hiccups some more. Especially when he hear his brothers voice. Macam tak sabar-sabar nak keluar main dengan abang-abang. *pengsan*

Of course la I'm super excited, in fact kami semua super excited. Alhamdulillah, he's doing just fine and actively kicking my thin stomach yang dah start develop stretch mark all over the place. I notice that this time, baby a bit bigger. Ke perasaan mak je? Even my husband ask whether I'm sure I'm pregnant with one baby cause my tummy look huge and at 6 months mak dah start look like penguin, walk like a penguin.

Apa-apa pun, it's confirm satu je dalam perut Mak ni. Mak belum fikir nak bubuh nama apa. Yusuf? maybe. Feel free to give me any idea ;) and doakan kami sekeluarga. InsyaAllah. Till then, Salam.

Resepi Nasi Ayam Mudah dan Sedap

Resepi nasi ayam sedap dan mudah
Rasanya dah ramai yang share Resepi Nasi Ayam paling mudah dan sedap ni. Penulis (owner resepi) Puan Rafiza Idayu kata, cara ini diadaptasi dari resipi Nasi Ayam Kak Laily Subang dan perapan ayam dengan resipi steak Me’nate oleh Tuan Mustaffa Haji Othman, bekas masterchef yang pernah berkhidmat di Istana Buckhingham. Power kan?

Bila bercakap pasal nasi ayam, mak memang jarang buat sendiri sebab kedai nasi ayam literally depan rumah mak je, so mak beli kedai kalau nak makan. Tapi bila nampak resepi yang sangat simple dan mudah ni. Mak terus pi pasar cari ayam, pakcik tu siap bagi lemak ayam extra lagi. HUHU. Berikut resepi mak dah susun ikut workflow:

Benda pertama sekali kita kena buat, rendam sekejap beras yang telah dibasuh bersama 1 sudu teh serbuk kunyit selama 15 minit untuk bagi warna nasi nampak cantik. Kemudian bersih dan toskan.

Kedua, sementara rendam beras tu, kita handle ayam. Ayam seekor tu potong 12. Panaskan air sehingga mendidih baru masukkan ayam (in order to seal jus ayam) Pastikan ayam semua terbenam, tutup periuk dan biarkan selama 5-6 minit dan keluarkan dan toskan ayam. Air rebusan jangan dibuang.

Ayam Goreng/Bakar


2 ulas bawang putih - ditumbuk
3 sdb madu
2 sdb sos tiram
1 sdb kicap pekat - kicap ABC
1 sdb minyak bijan
Sedikit lada sulah

Cara Memasak:
1. Di dalam satu mangkuk, campurkan semua bahan tadi.Tak perlu letak garam, namun kalau nak masin sedikit, letak garam sedikit sahaja sebab sos tiram sudah masin.
2. Perap ayam yang telah direbus tadi dalam 15 minit.
3 Guna api sederhana kecil, apabila minyak betul-betul panas masukkan ayam, namun jangan masuk banyak sangat. Goreng dalam 5 minit ke 7 minit sahaja.

Mak bakar je dalam oven, 200°C dalam 30minit. Fuss-free and healthy. Baki perapan mak pekatkan atas dapur dengan api kecil and lumur atas ayam lepas dah siap bakar.

Nasi Ayam


Beras 3 pot + 1 sd serbuk kunyit (as mak mention earlier)
2 ulas bawang putih - ditumbuk
1 inci halia - dipotong nipis
1 ketul Kiub pati ayam
Bay leaf (atau daun pandan) - untuk wangi
Lemak ayam
Air rebusan ayam

Cara Memasak:
1. Panaskan lemak ayam sehingga keluar minyak (tutup periuk) dan tumis halia serta bawang putih sehingga wangi.
2. Masukkan kesemua bahan tadi dan masak seperti biasa.

Sambal Nasi Ayam


6 biji lada merah
2 ulas bawang putih
1 sudu jus limau nipis
Sedikit halia (anggaran 1 ruas jari kelingking)
4 sdb gula
1 sdk garam
200ml air rebusan ayam
1 sudu kecil tepung jagung yang dilarutkan dengan 2 sudu air

Cara Membuat:
1. Blender semua bahan. Masukkan air rebusan tadi.
2. Masukkan dalam periuk, masak guna api kecil.
3. Dah mendidih, masukkan gula, garam dan perah limau nipis.

Sup Ayam
Baki air rebusan ayam tadi awak masukkan sahaja 2 ketul kiub ayam, daun sup dan bawang goreng. Settle.

Hidangkan dengan daun , tomato dan timun. Memang sedaplah. Makan nasinya by itself pun dah sedap. Ayam dia jangan cakaplah, memang best! Lepas ni nak buat nasi ayam pakai resepi ni je.

Jadi, mak dah mencubanya. Anda pula bagaimana? Till then, Salam ;)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ranking Alexa #TheRealBloggerMak - 15 Oktober 2017

Global Rank: 2,868,355

Rank in Malaysia: 19,073

Sumber: SINI

Rekod Sebelum INI.

Entri purata 1/day pun boleh naik almost half daripada ranking sebelum ni. Most of the traffic came from google search and direct. Kiranya banyak entri dalam 1st page google dan ada pembaca setia la kan? kan? Alhamdulillah.

I'm currently dah 3rd trimester. This pregnancy memang penat tahap dewa compared to my pregnancy before. Ingatkan nak start entry bout pregnancy or else yang berkaitan. But I can only think bout food setiap masa. Sebab tu selalu up entry recipe je memanjang. Bukan nak cantas blogger masakan. Sapelah Mak ni nak compare dengan diorang. Tengok cara ambil makanan pun dah tahu mak ni super noob, nak cakap pasal flatlay lagilah fail. KAHKAHKAH.

Due sepatutnya next year pertengahan Januari. Tapi rasanya tak sampai next year kot as sebelum-sebelum ni 35-36 weeks, baby dah excited nak keluar. But who knows? Doakan segala kebaikan untuk my family and I. Till then, Salam ;)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Resepi Puding/Custard Caramel Mudah

It's been years mak makan puding karamel, sebab dulu mak rajin benar buat tiap minggu sampai muak dah nak menjamah. Tapi since last week ternampak kawan post pasal puding karamel, teringin pula jadinya. Bila teringat, pagi subuh jam 3 tadi mak bangun-bangun terus buat puding. So, boleh makan dessert for breakfast ;)
Resepi puding karamel mudah sedap
There's two ways of making puding karamel or custard caramel; whatever you call it, bakar dalam oven or kukus guna pengukus. Sebelum ni, mak guna resepi lain (Link - mind my language in this FB note, note zaman kanak-kanak) Tapi yang resepi mak share ni sikit je barang, lebih kurang sama juga rasanya.

5 biji telur
1 sudu kecil esen vanilla
400 ml susu cair atau susu full cream
6 sdb gula

Bahan untuk karamel:

5 sdb gula kastor
2 sdb air

Cara Membuat:
1. Mulakan dengan buat karamel dalam loyang terus, perhatikan api jangan over caramelized nanti pahit ;) Dah siap letak tepi sejukkan.
2. Blender semua bahan custard, dalam 8-10 saat sehingga sebati (don't over do it)
3. Tapis dan masukkan larutan ke dalam loyang tadi.
4. Bakar dalam oven 180°C selama 45-60 minit. Gunakan teknik water bath. Bubuh aluminium foil sekeliling loyang dan rendam loyang dalam dulang yang berisi paras 3/4 loyang kita tadi ATAU kukus di dalam pengukus selama setengah jam atau till it set.
5. Dah siap bakar, sejukkan dalam peti ais selama sejam dan sedia dihidangkan.

Macam mana? Senang ke susah? Boleh try nanti ok? Cuma hati-hati time buat karamel tu ;)

Denda lewat daftar kelahiran naik RM1,000

Ada baca BH Online petang semalam tak? Mak nak share this not-so-good news dengan kawan-kawan. If awak tak register anak awak within 60 days of birth, kena denda RM1000 berbanding sebelum ni RM50. Mak tak pernah lambat daftar lambat surat beranak anak, JPN pun dekat. Tapi kalau macam orang susah nak datang, transport tak ada etc. macam mana ek? Ke boleh refer or minta bantuan ketua kampung? Ada medium lain tak? Sebab mak pernah jumpa dulu kat Perak masa join volunteer program, ada orang asli yang tak ada surat beranak or IC. Belum cerita pasal Sabahan lagi. Kesian tau.

Denda lewat daftar kelahiran naik RM1,000 (Sumber: BH Online)
TIMBALAN Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed. - Foto Asyraf Hamzah
KLUANG: Pasangan yang tidak mendaftar kelahiran dan surat beranak anak mereka dalam tempoh 60 hari perlu membayar denda RM1,000, berkuat kuasa serta-merta.

Sebelum ini, denda pendaftaran lewat kelahiran hanya RM50.

Timbalan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, berkata langkah meningkatkan denda bukan bertujuan mengutip hasil, sebaliknya menggalakkan ibu bapa mempercepat pendaftaran kelahiran anak.

Katanya, pendaftaran kelahiran tidak boleh diambil mudah dan sambil lewa kerana akan menimbulkan pelbagai masalah berbangkit ketika anak membesar termasuk kesulitan mendaftar MyKid serta persekolahan.

"Kerajaan mengambil keputusan semua kelahiran mesti didaftar dalam tempoh 60 hari, sama ada anak sah taraf atau luar nikah.

"Jika ibu bapa mendaftar lewat dari tempoh berkenaan, mereka akan didenda sehingga RM1,000 berkuat kuasa serta merta.

"Kerajaan menaikkan jumlah denda lewat daftar selepas pindaan Akta 299 Kelahiran, Kematian dan Anak Angkat yang diluluskan Dewan Rakyat tahun lalu.

"Ogos lalu, kita hanya menguatkuasakan tempoh pendaftaran lewat kelahiran dilanjutkan dari 42 kepada 60 hari bagi memberi peluang ibu bapa atau ibu tunggal berpantang dan menguruskan bayi sebelum hadir di hadapan pendaftar kelahiran," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian selepas merasmikan pejabat baharu Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) Cawangan Simpang Renggam di Taman Indah, dekat sini, hari ini.

Yang turut hadir, Pengarah JPN Johor, Rokiah Hanum Ibrahim.

P/S: Semoga semua urusan dipermudahkan.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Resepi Kari Ayam Paling Mudah dan Sedap

Memanjang post resepi mudah dan self-aclaimed sedap. HAHA. Anak-anak dengan maknya sekali memang suka makan kari. Every week wajib masak kari ayam/daging. Bertambah-tambah anak makan. Mak gemar lebihkan kuah, kentang, and buat pekat-pekat. Kalau ada lebihan, boleh buat cecah roti or lempeng untuk keesokkan harinya. Memang menjilat jari.
Reaepi kari ayam daging mudah
10 sdb minyak masak - 50ml
1 kayu manis - 4g
2 tangkai daun kari - 2g
1/4 bahagian ayam dipotong kecil - 200gm
1 biji ubi kentang dibelah 4 - 50gm
1 tomato kecil dibelah 4 - 60gm
1/2 batang lobak - 70gm
1 paket serbuk kari ayam/daging - 25gm
1 sdk garam - 5gm
2 cawan air - 500ml
1/2 cawan santan - 125ml

Bahan kisar halus:
1 bawang besar / 3-4 biji bawang kecil - 40gm
4 ulas bawang putih - 20gm
2cm halia - 15gm

Cara Memasak:
1. Tumis bahan kisar, kayu manis dan daun kari sehingga wangi dan masukkan serbuk rempah kari yang dibancuh dengan sedikit air.
2. Kacau rata dan biarkan sehingga pecah minyak baru masukkan ayam dan kentang. Gaul rata dan tutup sekejap dalam 3 minit.
3. Masukkan air dan garam. Kacau dan tutup lagi dalam 12 minit.
4. Bila ayam dah nampak masak, masukkan tomato, kecilkan api dan masukkan santan. Kacau perlahan sehingga pecah minyak.
5. Siap untuk dihidangkan.

Ada orang suka gantikan santan dengan susu cair. As ada banyak rempah kari dekat pasaran, mak suka brand Baba's. Mak dah compare dah ingredients and taste dia. Baba's punya lagi kick. Dan 1 lagi, kalau nak pedas, boleh tambahkan cili serbuk atau cili kisar semasa menumis. Takpun partner je kan dengan sambal belacan dan ikan masin. Kalau suka kicap, gaul kicap cap kipas udang. Huhu. Lapar pulak perut mak.

Selamat mencuba ;)

P/S: Bila anak dah besar dari bayi ke preschooler, seronok dapat masak and makan sama-sama. Taklah memanjang mak makan bubur je.

Monday, October 9, 2017


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5 - Letakkan banner di atas ke dalam entry terbabit dan berikan pendapat, ulasan atau apa saja kata-kata yang bernas terhadap blog POKUCU.COM dengan seikhlas hati mengikut kreativiti masing-masing.
6 - Publish entry terbabit dantinggalkan link entry berserta dengan email di ruangan komen post ini.

Komen tentang POKUCU.COM:
1. Kemas dan susunan layout teratur
2. Fast-loading
3. Perkongsian menarik

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Delimas : Sambal Rangup Ikan Bilis Halus Review

Delimas Sambal Rangup Bilis halus
Sebenarnya produk Muslim ni dah bertahun-tahun dekat pasaran. And jarang ada sambal ready made yang betul sedap dan menepati citarasa. But not with this product. Ya, ini bukan sponsored post. HAHA. Inilah dia Sambal Rangup Ikan Bilis Halus/Crispy Anchovy Chilli. Harga dalam RM8.++ for 180g. Boleh beli dekat Giant atau Tesco (Link) Ada dua variant, yang atas ni ikan bilis and satu lagi udang. Pedas bak hang, tapi yang pedas tu la yang buat lagi tambah selera. Ye tak?

Mak suka yang ikan bilis, sedap buat cecah or rencah masak or makan begitu saja dengan nasi/mee. Bila mak buat favourite dish mak macam chee cheong fun ke chilli pan mee ke sizzling yee mee ke, memang best bila dipadankan dengan sambal ni. 

Tak rugi beli. Nanti try tau and share pandangan awak pula ;) Oh nanti ada masa mak share resepi Chilli Pan Mee versi derhaka juga, KAHKAHKAH. Jadilah~ takkan kita nak pergi Ipoh semata-mata nak makan mee. Masaklah sendiri *pasrah* Till then, have a nice weekend. 

Resepi Chee Cheong Fun Hong Kong Style Versi Paling Mudah, Pantas dan Sedap

Chee cheong fun hong kong
Chee Cheong Fun (CCF) ni antara chinese food paling sedap sekali bagi mak masa stay dekat Ipoh years back. CCF ni sebenarnya freshly-made rice noodle roll macam laksam tu tapi nipis lagi. Lebih kurang kue tiaw. Macam-macam versi ada Ipoh-style, KL-style, Teluk Intan, Kampar, Penang, you can google it yourself what is the different between this stylo-milo kue tiau.

As for today, after years perfecting my recipe, this is it: Chee Cheong Fun Hong Kong-style versi derhaka tapi rasa sedap sama macam Restoran Hollywood Ipoh buat.

2 cawan kue tiaw - dicelur
200gm isi udang/isi ayam - celur dan cincang dan put a bit of white pepper ;)

Bahan kuah:
30ml kicap cair
60ml air
1 1/2 sdk gula
1/4 sdk kiub ayam Knorr
1/4 sdk minyak bijan

Sambal Ikan Bilis Bercili Rangup Brand Delimas
Bawang goreng
Daun bawang
Minyak bijan - 4/5 drops

Cara Membuat:
1. Masukkan semua bahan kuah in one pan and simmer api kecil sehingga mendidih dan tutup api, ketepikan.
2. Letak kue tiaw dan bubuh ayam/udang cincang tadi sesuka hati. Nak sembunyikan bawah mi pun boleh. Letak kuah and sprinkle all above garnishing stuff (wajib ada bawang goreng and sambal)
3. Makan.

In case awak tertanya-tanya apakah Sambal Ikan Bilis Bercili Rangup brand Delimas ni, kejap lagi mak sambung dekat next post. Panjang benar dah entri ni rasanya, KAHKAH. Terubat rasa rindu kat Ipoh bila dah menjamah CCF ni.

Dulu mak duduk sana dekat 5 tahun ulang-alik Tambun-Hospital Ipoh. I even plan to menetap terus dekat sana, tapi hajat mak tak kesampaian. Allah s.w.t. ada plan lain untuk mak.

Mungkin one day, I will settle down there bila duit dah cukup RM10juta dalam bank. InsyaAllah, doakan ;) Till then, Salam.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Cara Buat Roti Sosej Cheese Sedap

Resepi roti sosej mudah
Hari ni mak share resepi mudah je lah: Roti Sosej dengan cheese, sesuai untuk sarapan, minum petang atau bekalan anak-anak ke sekolah. Atau tatkala perut lapar dan mendambakan comfort food. KAHKAH.

10 keping roti - dilenyek (untuk elak serap minyak berlebihan)
10 batang sosej - direbus (kalau health-conscious boleh belah 2 or 4)
5/10 keping cheese - mak pakai cheddar, kalau nak lagi best pakai mozarella boleh tarik-tarik, potong nipis.
2 cawan serbuk roti - mak suka guna jenama Meriah (perasa original)
2 biji telur dipukul
1 sdb herba oregano - suka hati, gaul dengan serbuk roti
Resepi roti sosej sedap
1. Susun "breading station" : roti, sosej, cheese, pukulan telur dan serbuk roti.
2. Letakkan sosej dan cheese di atas roti, gulungkan dan letak sedikit telur di hujung roti which act as pelekat.
3. Celup roti tadi dalam telur dan golek-golekkan atas campuran serbuk roti tadi. Letak tepi dan repeat sehingga semua bahan habis.
4. Dah siap, boleh terus goreng api kecil or frozenkan.
Serbuk roti sedap Mudah
Serbuk roti jenama Meriah tu ada 3 variant tau; Original, Golden Orange dengan Italian Herb. Kalau guna yang italian herb dah tak perlu bubuh herb lagi. Kalau tak ada jenama ni, nak guna jenis apa-apa pun boleh, or buat sendiri or taknak salut serbuk roti pun tak apa. (atau hancurkan biskut cream cracker, pretzel or apa-apa yang ada)

Selain guna sosej, boleh guna isi ketam, or anything yang terlintas. Ikut kreativiti masing-masing. Senangkan? OK. Selamat mencuba.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Photobucket Pula Problem.

Hari tu ImageShack sekarang Photobucket. Sebenarnya benda ni dah lama. Tapi disebabkan malam ni mak baru nak berkesempatan nak download pic dari photobucket satu-satu and upload balik gambar, mak rasa macam nak rage sangat. Dahlah dah banyak pic upload dekat Photobucket. Dahlah update blog pakai phone je sekarang ni. Geram pula mak bila Photobucket tak boleh guna dekat Blogger (3rd party). OK, tu je. Pfft~

Thursday, October 5, 2017

HASRULHASSAN.COM Segmen Bloglist Akhir Tahun 2017

Biar Tahu Dengan Ilmu - HASRULHASSAN.COM
Salam. Lin join Segmen Bloglist Akhir Tahun 2017 anjuran otai SEO - jom join sekali? Klik banner di atas.

Blog #TheRealBloggerMak
Been blogging since Lin masih belajar lagi pada tahun 2011, that time nama blog Lin: Monolog Dalam. Entry banyak berkisarkan life Lin as student, my hobi - foodhunting, my studies, product review, beauty and health stuff, current issue or event etc. After almost 7 years berblog, blog Lin tak banyak berubah, masih berniche kan Lifestyle tapi lebih matang la ditambah dengan Lin rebranding semula blog ni, tukar nama blog jadi #TheRealBloggerMak as Lin pun dah jadi mak-mak sekarang. HUHU. Now, people know me as Mak Lin.

Lin kenal Sifu HasrulHassan since zaman-zaman dulu juga. Blog yang selalu bagi tips and tunjuk ajar tentang SEO, how to generate money online and else. Selalu join Hasrul Hassan punya segmen. Thanks Otai HasrulHassan ;)

Till then, salam.

Rutin Mak dan Aktiviti Anak

Buat masa sekarang routine mak setiap hari lebih kurang sama je. Bangun pagi, siapkan sarapan (or makan dekat luar), tidurkan Fateh while mak masak cepat-cepat for lunch dengan "bantuan" 2 chef; Adam and Iman and spend most of the time sebelum Fateh bangun (dalam pukul 1pm) dengan tengok TV, joget-joget (especially time lagu Larva), ajar mengaji or do any activities lah yang mak terlintas nak buat (or I google it). WAJIB ada aktiviti dengan budak dua orang ni, or they end up bercakaran sesama sendiri. Kalau tak Adam kacau adik dia, mesti Iman yang provok abang dia.

Bila Fateh bangun, we had lunch together, then turn Adam dan Iman pula nap sampai pukul 4 petang. Jadi sementara tu, mak spend time dengan Fateh pula. Kiranya lapang sikitlah mak nak buat preparation untuk tea ke, nak update blog ke, basuh toilet ke, eh macam-macam la nak buat sebab Fateh suka main sendiri (ikut mood dia). Petang nak ke malam macam biasalah, kadang-kadang mak bawa diorang ke Taman Tasik, main playground picnic etc. Ikut tenaga dan mood mak macam mana. Apa-apa pun boleh, yang penting anak tak rasa bosan or terperap. Anak lelaki ni banyak tenaga, so kita kena salurkan ke tempat yang betul dan bersesuaian. Kalau tak, jangan salahkan anak tantrum bagai. Lebih kurang macam tu la bunyi parenting book yang mak baca.

Indoor Activities
Antara aktiviti kesukaan mak dengan anak mak, of course, play with Lego, bola (sebab rumah mak tak ada barang or anything fragile, so main bola dalam rumah dibolehkan), baca buku, and paling Adam dan Iman suka, buat kraftangan. Most of craft stuff mak beli dekat DIY je. Ada yang siap ada craft kit. Semua ada, senang dan murah. Paling baru mak beli buku ni: Buku Craft, gunting tampal.
 Antara contoh aktiviti dalam buku ni:
It cost me RM2.90/book. Adalah dalam 10 aktiviti. Lepas dah siap, ikut kreativiti mak-mak la. Boleh play pretend ke macam mana. Kertasnya tak keras, kalau rajin tampal la dekat manila kad. Macam last time, lepas dah buat watch, belt, crown semua, Adam dengan Iman jadi superheroes (with pistol lego) I ask them cari kejar semut and kill them all! Keep them occupied while mak scroll message customer and FB. KAHKAHKAH.
Then esoknya, mak ask them whether they love me or not. Kalau sayang, buatkan ibu ini dan ini (tunjuk aktiviti yang mak nak diorang buat that day). Senang kerja and now at 3 and 4, Adam dan Iman dah kenal selotep, gam serta gunting dan pandai menggunting walaupun senget-senget. Last-last Ibu juga yang kena trim cantik-cantik.
Tak apa yang penting this is my effort spending more time dengan anak-anak kan. Doing thing they love. Tak lah sepower mak-mak homeschooling. Tapi bolehlah~ Lagipun next year Adam dah start prasekolah, dengan adik baby due end of this year lagi, macam manalah nak divide time and attention for each baby. Doakan dipermudahkan semua, InsyaAllah.

So mak-mak, apa aktiviti yang korang buat dengan anak? Meh share dengan mak, aktiviti ke, website rujukan ke. Till then, Salam.
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