Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Waktu Operasi Perpustakaan Awam Pasir Gudang

perpustakaan pasir gudang
Mak suka pergi library, here: Perpustakaan Awam Pasir Gudang. Very near to my place. Dulu dalam pusat bandar. Now still dalam pusat bandar cuma berpindah ke tempat Tenaga Nasional dulu (Bawah Restoran Sasa).

Ada dua children area (bertutup and open space) and of course, another area for adult like us *cough*. Kalau nak melepak with kids, you can come over anytime mention above. Kalau nak "tenggelam" dalam lautan buku, having your own sweet peaceful time (yes, you bookworm, I am like you) datang pagi on weekdays, sebab after lunch there's a lot of budak-budak sekolah yang bising. *facepalm*

Love the books, even mostly I've read it all. BUT hate to say the downside of this place; THERE IS NO TOILET and you have to keluar naik tangga all the way masuk Pusat Bandar. *facepalm* Seriously guys, no toilet for public down here? *facepalm*

Other than that, mak suka lepak sini baca paper and magazine ;)


Adam said...

Cuti umum tutup!

kisah si dairy said...

ai tak pernah pi perpustakaan sini

Mar Mansor said...

haihh...memang tak jejak la ke perpustakaan ni kalau waktu dia camtu..sob2..sedih

Malaysia Travel Monitor said...

Thanks for the review. Good to know that there's no toilet here, so that we don't have to eat or drink before coming here and do our business at home.

But why do you have to do a 'rojak' blog post ? Mixing English and Malay. Can't you just stick to one language? It looks like you want to write in English and suddenly you feel guilty you aren't writing in Malay.

Would appreciate if you could create some posts in English and some in Malay.

Thanks for the review.

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