Friday, October 21, 2016

ToysDirect.My:Pemborong Bahan dan Permainan Pendidikan Murah

Sebagai ibu kepada 3 superheroes, I always find a suitable and interesting educational toys as they grow up. *and to keep them occupied when I'm busy-ing with something else* ;)

Mostly, Lin beli toys or books through online. Just scroll, pilih, pay and wait for the parcel to come. Mudah, and jimat masa serta tenaga. So, today I would love to share with you about this educational toys, Montessori material and books wholesaler., montessori, books, kids, educational, toddler, toys
Facebook: ToysDirect.My

So many things to explore, Lin pula yang teruja kan. Books, flash card, thousand of educational toys, teaching kits, PJ's, kid's furniture; you name it. Rambang mata kita. Harga pun berpatutan. For example Kinetic Sand yang memang famous tu. The real one from US of course. Usually it will cost RM100+ for 1kg is it? Tapi dalam website ni cuma RM50. Yup, you read me right, RM50.

Don't make me start with books. Adam really love books. Too many choices to make ni! Let me share my wishlist ;)

3. My First Reading Library (50 books)
4. USBORNE Wipe-Clean (Must have all~~!)
8. Pounding Bench (Fateh sure love this!)
9. and the list go on and on

Check out and follow their website and facebook. Senang nak tengok kalau ada any promo kan? So, till then :)


kisah si dairy said...

rasa macam nak shopping semua permainan kat dalm tu

Mak Lin said...

itulah sis. tunggu gaji ;)

Mar Mansor said...

macam-macam ada

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