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School Rush: Confessions of a Stressed-Out Mom (But We're All Giving It Our Best!)

All my children are now attending primary school, with Adam in Standard 5 and Iman in Standard 4 (Tahap 2). This brings an extra layer of concern as they will be in a new school this year. Naturally, like any parent, my primary focus is on my child's academic performance. I aspire for them to follow in my footsteps and enter prestigious schools like SBP (MCKK, STAR, SAS etc.); or else MRSM, or SMKA or even Atok's school EC *rolling eyes*. To actively support and guide them in their studies, I invest extra attention and effort into their studies. In my simple understanding, to have A-grade students, parents must be A-grade parents (I'm trying) Since last year, I enrolled Adam and Iman in tuition classes, while Fateh and Yusuf subscribed to online tuition and educational apps like Pandai, along with a monthly Durioo+ subscription for shared learning among them. Being a product of the 80s, I experienced the PTS and UPSR exams, and the grading system has evolved since then. The

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