This blog is my one and only personal blog. I am the author and editor of this blog. I blog about anything I love to share. Most of the products reviewed or published in this blog are bought by my own pocket money unless stated. All opinions expressed on my blog are my personal judgments on products and a general informational purpose only and they are 100% honest by me. I do my best to provide accurate information, still I am not an expert, my opinions and writes are base on fact and my personal experience with it and I am not giving medical or personalized advice. I am not responsible on any causes or injuries to products that have been mention or recommend in this blog to my readers. If a product doesn’t work for me it could be a number of reasons why due to my skin type or just personal preference, so please keep in mind what doesn’t work for me could be perfect for you. Different people have different experience and views. I have the right to change any information without prior notice. Please respect this blog, comments or contents posted by readers that contain nudity, harm, cyber bullying, or any negative related stuff will be deleted. All content or opinions is not meant to harm or malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual. My blog are mainly for positive post and feedbacks.

I do accept any kind of sponsor products/material related or any type of advertorial inquiries of a product. The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. Please give me time because before accepting any product, I will do a research of that product/company first, especially the ingredients used in the product because I am a Muslim and I need you to respect that. I do not accept Non-halal product (product that contains animal extract [pigs] or product that is made out of it) I do not accept events, product or companies related to Tobaccos, Alcohol and products that offending my religion. I have the right to accept it or not accept it. I accept products for consideration and do not guarantee reviews and I always state if a product was sent to me by PR for consideration. I only affiliated with companies that I really love and trust of their products and not because of money. Don’t accept me to blog about your company just for the sake of free advertising as I don’t even have experience using or own it. For ads space, I only accept products/brand that I personally love and really recommend to my readers. My blog represent on what I recommend and what I really love. I make no promises on how long it will take me to write a review. It means that if I don’t like a product, I may not review it or I will do a feedback post about it positively. This blog means no harm to jeopardize any company. It means that I have full editorial and I will review products in whatever order I desire. Blogging is my part time thing, as I try to make as active as possible due to my passion on sharing great stuff. Please be honest to me as I will take lawful action if I found that a company does not respect the points that I have stated above. All product mention are just for fun and reference of what product are in my concern trying and owning it. I'm just serious about sharing things I love.

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