Ini WISHLIST saya.
Semoga semua yang dihajatkan menjadi kenyataan.
My dream house:
Pic credit to: @shannonsoine

Updated 16/2/2024
Wow, 10 years just vanished! Life, right? So, my wishlist is like my brain, bursting with ideas! For now, here's the top spot:

1. Fancy vacuum cleaner alert! Dyson's awesome, but my wallet cries! Been eyeing those robot vacuum-mop things, seem like a lifesaver! Definitely a "must-have"!

2. Home sweet home needs a makeover! Big plans: fixing leaks, painting, making the kitchen bigger for yummy feasts, upgrading laundry space, even adding a workshop beside my house! Gotta fix the entrance too, my car's not a fan of getting friendly with the gate. Asyik terlanggar bucunya sahaja ๐Ÿ˜…Plus, awnings, a side gate, lights, fence, plants...and some indoor touches. Yeah, it'll cost a lot (more than RM172k!), enough for buying another house or build 3 village houses! But hey, forever home, right? And I can do it step-by-step to spread the fun (and maybe some tears) of this project. 

3. Bike or e-scooter? Hmm, sounds cool!

4. Last year, I shared my goal to shed some pounds HERE (currently in progress๐Ÿฅฒ). Remember the Xiaomi Kingsmith X21 I mentioned? Having a walking pad could be a game-changer, right?

5. Venturing into the online pharmacy world (baby step for now)! I'm always supporting my pharmacist friends, providing drug counseling, setting up communication platforms, and exploring marketing. Shifting the focus onto myself – trying out online consulting, especially in the field of drugs (Read: Educated Drug Dealer; with license) ๐Ÿ˜, and getting ready to launch my own online pharmacy. Pitching deck in progress, aiming for completion before June. How does that sound?

6. I've been expressing my desire for a tiny home for years, a sanctuary from the outside world and the corporate rat race. It's taking a toll, sangat lari dengan perancangan awal kehidupan saya ya tuan-puan; embracing a more relaxed lifestyle with kiddos, enjoying a leisurely pace, close to nature, striving for self-sustainability, WFH and more. And the best part – I already have the perfect piece of land. Imagine a cute space, less than 250 sqft, smart like its owner. Check out my Pinterest HERE for dreamy small prefab home designs. I'm particularly drawn to Minim House. I've requested quotes from various builders; the most budget-friendly option is RM66K for a single-storey 6m x 3m (excluding factory, foundation, slab, transport, power, water, and sewage setup). Suzlin, time to tighten the belt and hustle more.

7. Microwave?

Can't think of any (more) yet; saving mode: activated! With that home makeover, gotta be smart with my money. Okay, here's my QR code ๐Ÿ˜

Updated 7/11/2014
Guess currenly I don't have any wishlist, yet. So, Alhamdulillah for everything I have now. Bila dah meningkat usia ni, dah tak banyak keinginan sangat dah. As long as family sihat, anak-anak happy and cukup makan pakai - tu pun dah bersyukur sangat. Oh kejap maybe I add one, or two :')

1. Tiny house with self-sustainability garden. I really admire @shannonsoine tiny house - a lot!

2. Best not perfect, companion to spend my whole life with.

"...runaway from capitalism, live freely macam gypsy, have a small cottage with small garden so I can plant my own food," - Suzlin ;)