Decided to have my own "pampering session" today:
SHISEIDO White Lucent Intensive Brightening Mask
I admit this mask lighten up my skin a bit.
O'SLEE Aqua Medi Refreshing Hydro Cream
I love how this cream moisturise my skin without those oiliness and leave a silky smooth skin behind.
O'SLEE Rosehip Peeling Gel 
Literally, sink? seep? penetrate? into my pore and take those stubborn white head away [tak semualah tapi]. Hurt a bit though, maybe sebab muka sensitif sikit.
Ellips Hair Vitamin-bukan sample
Rambut Lin OK je. Tapi disebabkan terpengaruh dengan kawan-kawan yang blog yang buat review, I say, why not? RM4.90 for 6 capsule dekat Watson. Bila Lin baca review kawan-kawan usually they use 2 capsule terus. Masa 1st time pakai last Monday, 2 capsules is too much for me eventhough I have super long hair. Maybe sebab kulit kepala Lin jenis cepat berminyak. So this time I only use 1 capsule la kan. Dah cukup. Jimat. So far, so good. Lepas shampoo [without conditioner], biar rambut macam half dry then sapu dari bahagian tengah rambut sampai hujung. Honestly, nothing different cause I can achieve the same effect kalau lepas pakai shampoo and conditioner Pantene, tapi tak tahulah after this tiba-tiba rambut jadi afro pula kan. Apa-apa of courselah Lin update nanti.

O'slee, Y U no gimme more~~~?

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