Bubur Marrybrown Sangat Sedap.

Spicy Seafood Porridge. Ini sedap. Lepas ni boleh beli shrimp sambal dekat Giant makan dengan bubur. Surprisingly, tak allergic and I don't know why. Last time makan shrimp popia habis satu badan inflamed. Alhamdulillah, cuma sekejp je allergy nya and didn't come back. Thanks to my my love one ;)
Previous allergy attack, 3 bulan lepas accompany with 40C fever and super headache which I can't even get up literally. Kena admit dekat hospital one night and I request to go back. Dahlah that time Encik Hubby out station, I just can't stop thinking how I'm gonna take care of Baby Adam. My mom dah nangis-nangis and suruh me rehat je, but dengan gigihnya I try to wake up every 2 hours, which I did everytime, nak BF Baby Adam. No, I'm not suggesting that I'm a really good mother and memang layak. But you know, this is "AMANAH". I don't want my baby miss anything that important to him. And did you know that kalau awak demam, your develop some sort of immunity and when you BF your baby that time somehow that immunity go to baby through breast milk and make him strong. Betul, ini serius.