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I don't know why after a long time, Lin still ambil helmet before nak naik kereta. Kadang-kadang dah masuk kereta baru teringat. Eh, kenapa pakai helmet pulak ni. Kadang-kadang lansung tak ingat and bila orang tegur baru perasan.

"Nak racing ke?"
"Besar motor awak? Design kereta ek?"
"Tak betul ek?"

 I was like, duh. I guess naik motor tu dah rasa macam sebati dengan diri kan.

Talking bout motor and kereta, I want to share with you all bout this info. Did you know you can get up to 15% discount for insurance and road tax renewal? Yes, now you can with “Smart Driver Sweet Discount” Campaign by RichPlan4U.
0%5% on NCD
25%15% on NCD
30%15% on NCD
38 ½%10% on NCD
45%8% on NCD
55%5% on NCD
Campaign information & requirement:
  • Car manufacture years must not more than 13 years or in between 2001-2014.
  • The Campaign is only eligible for car insurance and road tax that expired in 2014.
  • The discount is only available during the contest period which is 1 March 2014 until 31 March 2014.
  • Pre booking discount are only applicable during the campaign period.
  • A minimum delivery charges will be apply during the contest period.
  • A copy of car grant is required from car owner to phase up the application process.
  • The renewal process will only be proceed when the customer have made the full payment.
  • Customers insurance cover note and road tax will be delivered in 2-3 working day.
Simple. Fill in this: REGISTRATION FORM, attach your copy of car grant, wait for quotation, confirmed and receive your documents by mail.

About RichPlan4U
Offers various type of service via online:
  • Life Insurance and Takaful
  • General Insurance and Takaful
  • Motor Insurance & Road Tax Renewal.
  • Risk Management
  • Personal Financial Consultation.
  • Islamic Investment Consultation.
  • Will Writing and Tax Planning
It's OK. You can book for the discount first. Example, road tax and insurance expired and nak renew this September. Book dulu with RichPlan4U from now until this 31st March and you still can get that discount. How savvy is that?! OK. Sila book sekarang.


  1. Dah lama tak terjah sini, hari ni baru dapat terjah blog awk :)

    Mohon singgah dan follow blog saya :)

  2. Hahhaa.. seronok juga bawak kereta pakai helmet. Nanti saya cuba.


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