Adam's Safety Gate!

Adam has turned 14 months and eventually reached his walking milestone. Not that I wanted to boast about his achievement, in fact a little variation doesn't bother me much. Few weeks or months late or early, it doesn't matter as long as he is healthy.

The point is, since there is so much for him to do and discover around the house, I've decided to always keep him out of kitchen by installing baby gates. I bought this Sweet Cherry from Jusco Tebrau. Complete with extension, the price is RM159 and the 14cm extension cost us RM36.90. Lucky us, as 1st Sept was the last day of Karnival Beli Belah Malaysia, sort of; there's a 20% discount on baby's stuf.Total: RM156.72. The price is slightly higher than My Dear Brand [RM120] but I didn't buy it cause I don't like it design, cheaper than Little Bean brand [RM199].

So now Adam will never be able to enter the kitchen, if not eliminated, at least minimized the risks of sharp edges, knives, kettles and hot boiling water. Alhamdulillah.

Sweet Cherry LD1 Denzel Door Gate White
  • Pressure fit gate.
  • Easy to install.
  • Two way opening.
  • Fits opening 71-80 cm.
  • Extra extensions compatible with Sweet Cherry LD2 & LD3 exensions.
Currently you can buy this from Lazada Malaysia for RM119 [save 25% extension not included] - Link
Sweet Cherry L2 Door Gate System 7cm / RM21.90 - Link
Sweet Cherry L3 Door Gate System 14cm / RM36.90 - Link