Baby Goods Musts and Skips: First 1 year onwards

When Adam still in the womb, 5 months in the womb to be exact; Lin dah start beli baby stuff. Dari baju and all the accessories bla bla bla. Fuh, you name it. New mom-to be right? Tak ada experience and excitednya sangat ________. [Isi sendiri tempat kosong]. Then after a year, I realize: O man, I really spend a lot. So I would like to share here what you really need to buy and to skip, in my point of view.
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Most Used

Pampers NB
Beli yang kecil dulu, as baby baru lahir grow so fast. Then baru top up apa yang patut. I use PetPet at first, cause it have some space for baby’s tali pusat so tak adalah friction sangat. Then I use Huggies sampai sekarang.

I use brand Anakku 100% cotton. Cheap and multipurpose as you can use it as swaddle, towel, selimut etc. you name it. Tapi kalau takut baby panas, jangan bedung pakai kain cotton. Beli 2,3 helai swaddle yang tak panas pun dah cukup. Avoid using pin. Kalau ada duit lebih boleh beli brand Gugu.

Baby Sling
Lin beli brand Regin. Masa Adam lahir, sangat takut nak pegang. He’s so small and fragile with 2.2kg weight. So, I decide to buy this baby sling. Nak beli yang brand Boba so and so tersangat lah mahal kan. But this cost me only RM90 and still strong and sturdy Baby Iman boleh guna. At first memang complicated sikit, but lama-lama dah terbiasa. Can use it from NB sampai Baby 5 years old [25kg max] with 8 holding position. Boleh buat buai juga. kalau emergency.

Sebamed Baby Cream
First 6 months memang Baby Adam tak pernah ada rash bagai, but when he starts his 1st solid food and gain weight. MashaAllah, kesian sungguh as dia ada rash dekat kelengkang. So I buy this brand, and it works like wonder :)

Digital Thermometer
Beli dekat Cosway. RM9.90. Read Articles bout Demam HERE.

Summer Baby Bather
Seriously, this helps a lot.

Baby Wipes and Toiletries
Beli dekat Cosway juga. Brand Teddie. SLS and SLES free. Mineral Oil free. Paraben free. Beli time offer, memang murah. Lin suka borong banyak, satu botol boleh last more than 2 months. Baby Adam tak ada masalah dengan brand ni since he was born and I hope Baby Iman pun macam tu.

Breastpump and storage
MUST HAVE. FULLSTOP. My 1st breastpump jenama UNIMOM Mezzo. Manual. RM115.

Fischer Price Baby Rocker
Senang. Tak perlu letak baby dekat bawah. Kang terpijak naya, especially kalau ada budak-budak dekat rumah. Kalau travel, tak payah bawa extra baby futon ke apa. Bawa je rocker boleh lipat-lipat ni. RM170.

Avoid kena gigit nyamuk. Musim denggi sekarang ni. Any brand pun tak apa.

Bantal Donut untuk breastfeed
Sangat mudah and kalau anak mengempeng atau kena pegang berjam-jam pun tangan tak lenguh.

Sweet Cherry Safety Gate
Oh ini sangat penting. Especially kalau you’re staying alone with your baby and tak ada orang nak tengokkan bila anda pergi washroom etc. Lin pagar jalan nak pergi dapur. Read more bout this HERE

Sweet Cherry Crown Car Seat
RM130+ at Lazada. 

Didn’t Use Enough

Baby’s cot/Tilam Baby etc.
Tak perlu beli. Beli comforter je lipat-lipat. Baby Adam guna tak sampai sebulan then dia tidur dengan Lin.

Too much risk and limit baby’s developmet. Tapi orang dah bagi free kan, pakai jelah.

NB stuff macam pampers and clothes, a lot.
4-5 helai dah cukup. Baby cepat besar.

Tak beli pun.

Baby Stroller
Depends on your need. I did buy this, but Baby Adam tak berapa suka.

Mothercare Baby Carrier
The most expensive one and Adam lagi suka duduk dalam baby sling. Adoi.

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