Blog berhabuk.

Eh. Bila last update blog? I’m asking myself. Selak-selak balik last entry tarikh 3 Dec 2015. Itupun scheduled post bout Skim Khairat Kematian to who yg dapat BR1M [see previous post]

Mari berhuhu.

Serius sejak ber-baby tiap-tiap tahun ni memang literally tunggang langgang sikit and if before sebelum ni I’m all about routine and super-organise but nowadays everything and everday are different, unpredictable.

Tapi, semakin hari semakin baik as Adam now dah 2 years and 8 months and  Iman 1 year and 4 months. Both dah besar and boleh main sendiri even kadang-kadang dealing with them really pain-in-a**. But, kalau diorang pergi rumah nenek diorang, mak aih. Serba tak kena mak sebab rumah senyap sangat. HAHAHA.

And my new baby, almost 3 months. Yup, new baby. Let me introduce you to Muhammad Umar Fateh, and you can call him Fateh. Born on 4th January.
It’s a boy. Again.


Well, I’m a fulltime work at home mom now. Freelance. Jual itu dan ini through social media. So far so good even memang pening juga nak divide your commitment, if you know what I mean. Nasib baik ada Nenek (my mom) duduk dekat. Selalu sangat Adam and Iman lepak sana. Kalau Lin tak hantar 2,3 hari, confirm Nenek and Atok or Mak Uda (my sister) datang ambil. Rindu katanya. So, more time to do this and that yang tertanguh. Thank god ada family yang membantu. Seriously. But somehow I feel guilty juga letting them stay there even my parent tak kisah.

Back to my blog.

Well I guess, I need to blog again as I keep updating panjang-panjang on my FB and when I want to read bout it again, I have to scroll down entah bila punya post through timeline and I lost it.

And somehow blogging really help me soothe my nerve. Jadi, from now on I will spill all via blog. Can ah?

1 hari 1 entry, at least.

Till then. Tengah fikir nak buat entry apa sekarang ni.

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