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NovelPlus allows you to unlimited access to the extensive and massive library of the Malay novels choose from popular romance, fanfic, horror, mystery, fantasy, crime, sci-fi and short stories and read them conveniently on your smartphone or tablet. You could even search by author, title, or genre to discover your next great read.
Besides readers, authors can also put their novels on display with NovelPlus and promote it through mobile devices and it also helps the authors to get closer with their fans. Without going through much hassle, author can produce their work with us with a lot of ease and smoothly.

NovelPlus will change the way how you read and for authors to publish!

Why do users choose NovelPlus?

Awesome application where users can browse and read unlimited novels interactively online through their mobile device easily no matter when you are anywhere or anytime. Advanced functions and features that have been included here for the latest version would be:

* Search and discover popular genres and find your favourite novel on your fingertips!

* Follow the story of the novel as the author are written and also get updates for new or upcoming novel!

* Better reading experience as you can view the novels by selection individual chapter or read all the chapters as usual!

* Connect with writers and other readers. Leave comments on novel and discuss the newest plot updated!

* Save to your library and manage your favourite novels on the shelf to your preference!

* Share your love of reading on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Now you can share your favourite novel and thoughts from the novel you’re reading to your friends and family.

* Special effect – You can either change your font, brightness, enable the flip mode or you can also adjust your reading into night mode to make reading easier on your eyes before bedtime.

*Special layout: Experience the same layout as paper novel and enjoy the simplified and nice interface with no ads at all.

*Rate and review the novels you’ve read or read reviews from Novel lovers like you!

*For Author : Publish your novels easily through NovelPlus without worrying about anything. You able to interact with your fans whenever you receive comments on the novels that you have publish and create your own fan base. Your novels can be reached to wider audience and get more exposure as it is easily available on worldwide!

Thank you to all NovelPlus’s readers and authors! We love you and we will try hard to solve any of your problems regarding the apps and content for your better reading experience. Please do leave your feedback and email us at

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