Mak ada banyak benda nak UP, tapi mak cuma ada sedikit sahaja masa. Most of the info, gossip-gosip, rants and raving mak UP dekat social media (Hey, follow my Facebook and Instagram and Twitter!) Well for your information, for the past suku tahun ni (=3months++) mak busy ya amat. Mak start acah-acah kerja fulltime *to keep my mind busy* sambil plan for HUGE decision pertengahan tahun ini. ;)

Life: I don’t want much, I just want everything and 30s
Guess that my hands are full now; with job, kids. Whatsapp, keeping in touch with other human being pun tak berapa sempat. BUT business Shaklee, Propolis masih berjalan seperti biasa OK. Cuma blogging pun macam ala-ala sepoi-sepoi, macam tergendala sikit but I'll be back again. Fulltime. Dalam masa terdekat ni, InsyaAllah. Rindu sangat nak blogwalking, hanging out with other bloggers, event etc.

Pray For Us.


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