Review: Sensitive Touch Electric Trimer by Veet

Salam. Hi. Have you seen this new "device" on market? Sensitive Touch Eletric Trimmer by Veet ;)

Glancing back to my old memory, when mak was 13, tak banyak produk dekat market to clean "that" area from all this unwanted bulu. We use razor blade yang you boleh masukkan very thin pisau empat segi. I believe you all still remember la. Still got what~~ in the market. Seram. Sometime bila tertekan sikit while you shaving, dia punya luka jangan cakaplah. Segaris. Kalau dekat kaki or tangan OK lagi, kalau dekat armpit? Bila basah je, pedih. Kalau area "bawah"? Oh please don't make me start bout it. (too much info)

After years, then Veet keluar produk hair removal cream, yang you just apply and leave it for a couples of minute and walla~~! rambut shed off. Then keluar pula mousse, wax strips type and so and so. and now ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to super new new and new and new product from Veet.
Quick & Gentle - No fear of cuts and High Precision
Let's take a peek inside!
Untuk penggunaan bahagian muka:
Mata pencukur dua muka bersaiz 6mm dan juga 16mm
Sikat 2 muka bersaiz 6mm dan juga 16mm untuk meratakan
Untuk Kegunaan kawasan sensitif:
Mata pencukur 20mm
Sikat 20mm untuk meratakan
Aksesori lain:
Berus pembersih
Batery AA
Beauty Poch

Mak Suka Veet Sensitive Touch sebab:

No Pain, No cuts
Cause it doesn't touch your skin like normal shave will do BUT it's enouh to get rid semua bulu yang ada ;) and

Handy and Travel-friendly
Ada mak cakap dia ringan tak? and it comes with beauty pouch sayang ;) Ya, boleh basuh dengan air as simple as that to clean (ada berus juga disedikan; see above pic)

With different type head, from top to toe, semua tempat boleh ;)

Sangat girly. (yes, men can use it too, just don't tell your girls. oopss. jangan kecam mak)

Harga Semasa (as on 10/4/2017)
Watson: RM112.50
Gurdian: RM99.00
Lazada: RM99.00

So check his item out and lease let me know what you feel bout it!

For more info, go to their Facebook : Veet Malaysia or website: Veet Website


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