Berkenaan Pizza with Mission Pizza Crust

Pizza idea topping fast cheap
Salam and Hi. Mak cuma nak share tentang this product: Mission Pizza Thin Crust ;) Mak love pizza, siapa yang tak suka kan? Normally mak akan beli je. Tapi seratus kali fikir juga. Why? Sebab mahal. Kenapa mahal? Sebab I will add on a lot of different topping end up regular size pizza sahaja dah RM20+. Nak buat sendiri, malas leceh nak menguli. Dan it texture doesn't feel right. Yes, mak dah try several times and kurang mahir. 

But I love thin crust anyway, sebab kalau nak makan yang jenis pan crust/beroti, I can simply make a sandwich. It's all about topping and crunchy pizza crust. Macam 1 kepuasan, if you know what I mean ;) #kakimakan

Thank god ada this kind of product in the market. Bila craving pizza, boleh buat and makan bila-bila masa anytime within 15 minutes. Got any leftover? Just chop-chop, put that gooey-goodness mozarella, a bit parmesan or cheddar for that salty savoury bites and bake in the oven for bout 10 minutes and makan!

Semalam mak buat tuna and crabmeat pizza. Apply tomato sauce a bit, italian herbs, thousand island mayo, tuna, crabstick (a lot!) onion and of course mozarella and cheddar. Barulah complete. Yummy, 2 batch licin.

Sebab dia crunchy, lepas ni mak nak try buat chips or maybe a bruschetta or any finger foods for my superheroes. Or maybe I should prepare a chicken wrap for picnic this weekend. Yeah! Till then, Salam.

P/S: Thanks Ruby ;)


  1. wah.. nampak sedap la mak.. mcm beli jer.. boleh try nanti..

    1. memang sedap kak. jimat duit mak. sama je rasa dia beli kat kedai 😘

  2. sedapnya..kenapa taknak kongsi dengan akak

  3. Tahniah kak. Sedap kan. Makan pizza Roti nipis lagi nikmat. Hahaha

  4. Alaaa...nk buat sendiri yg bercinta murah kan kalau buat sendiri

  5. Uish... Mana leh beli ni? Craving pula

  6. follow blog ni

    woo.. mmg sedap sangaaaat,,..terliur bila dengar mozarellah, hantu keju

  7. WAH ingat pizza beli tadi. buat sendiri rupanya. mesti sedap kan

  8. assalamualaikum lin...wah ! nampak sedap jer ni...
    ** Mama Maszull

  9. BEtul! I prefer buat sendiri camni coz I suka thin crust pizza. Senang je..

  10. Thin crust pizza is the best. This pizza looks so good it's making me hungry. Yum!

  11. With Mission, everyone can bake her own pizza at home. I have heard how good they are but haven't found the mood or time to try. Your post is hopefully an inspiration!

  12. wow, the pizza looks delicious. Thought of eating pizza right now while im reading your blog. :)

  13. easy and sedap ... hungry now



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