GoWellSpring: Healthy & Nutritious Meal Delivered To Your Doorstep!

There are bound to be many resolutions made at the start of the new year and taking care of one’s health and healthy eating are often on that list. First thing first, a healthy lifestyle starts from the kitchen and to steer you in the right direction, no matter what situation you’re in, Dr. Sharifah Halimah Jaafar, the founder & CEO of GoWellSpring (GWS) and her team of chefs, TCM practitioner and Dietitian work hard to create the perfect balance nutrifood that you need for the results you desire. The meals are delivered to your doorstep at a convenient time of your choice, saving you the hassle of shopping, cooking and spending your week cleaning up dirty dishes.
Basically, GoWellSpring provides healing and nutritious food to everyone, whether you are a mother who is undergoing postnatal care, someone recovering from post surgery or someone who wants a healthy lifestyle. 

A. Confinement Meals 
GWS confinement food recipes are thoughtfully prepared to aid mothers in their journey to recovery during their confinement. It is uniquely combine the eastern (variety of Chinese herbal soup for rejuvenation, repelenish energy and boost immune system) with variety international ranges of main dishes, the key ingredients are carefully selected in order to optimize the nutrients and it benefit.

B. Recovery Meals
Recovery diet offer a nutritional support to individual with certain medical condition which require a suitable diet. Also included in the service; nutritional counselling, monitoring, and customized meal plan by GoWellSpring dietician. Example: Low-sodium, diabetic-friendly, low-calories, gluten-restricted, low acid etc.

C. Healthy Fitness Diet
Healthy meal or Fitness diet is crafted in order to give people a healthy and nutritious meal.

1. Website - www.go-wellspring.com
2. Direct Hotline - 011 1680 4480 and 011 1618 5006
3. Walk-in (Location)
For more info about GoWellSpring, log on to www.go-wellspring.com and folloe them on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

"Eat Well. Heal Well. Live Well"
It's all about your health