Awagyu Japanese Restaurant Johor Bahru

If you ask me where to get the best Japanese Wagyu Beef in JB, well - Awagyu Restaurant of course! We been there twice for their lunch set and barbecue, and there's nothing compare to this authentic Japanese restaurant who prepare this most prized beef in the world. 

Located in the middle of Bandaraya Johor Bahru, at Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir near New York Hotel. Just waze "Awagyu Restaurant", it will take yout there ;)

Awagyu Restaurant Johor Bahru - The Environment

A corridor passing private dining quarters will lead you to the main dining room, a windowless space whose perimeters are lined with geometric wood fixtures that cast flickering shadows throughout the room and Teppanyaki Dining Room. Dark wooden flooring at this Japanese restaurant was new, but surprisingly squeaky every time the waiter struts past, and guests can easily trip over a few of hidden steps on the far side of the dining space.

Mouth-watering Menu at Awagyu Restaurant Johor Bahru

Basically you can see all of the menu - HERE. Still, I will recommend you their Teppanyaki Lunch Set. And please note that, there will be only 2 session which is; 12pm-1.30pm and 1.30pm- 2.45pm daily. Every time slot only open for 10 seating and maximum 20 set per day so you have to book early.

For some GOOD reason, Wagyu beef fetch quite a hefty price. As a matter of fact, it can be up to three times pricier than an European premium beef. However, once you tasted its marbling meat, you will agree that it’s worth every penny you pay for it. Who can resist “Melt-in-the-mouth”, “to-die-for” or “highly sought-after” world famous Wagyu beef! 

The good news, at Awagyu Restaurant, they do have this value Premium Lunch set which you still can indulge in this Japanese delicacy at wallet-friendly prices! The restaurant owner, Mr. Goh who are also wagyu wholesalers, import the whole cow from Japan and the meat is hand carved by our beloved Chef Eric here hence the ability to keep the prices lower than other restaurants in JB while providing diners with the most authentic dining experience. 

All of this for RM58++/set, consist: Wagyu Stir Fried Vegetable, Mini Wagyu Steak, Fragrant Rice, Miso Soup, Chawanmushi, pickles and complimentary cut fruits. Ah~ their Chawanmushi is too die for! Our add-onn that day: Cow's tongue (yup, you heard me right) and beef shashimi and ice-cream, Matcha and Black sesame cause 1 dessert is never enough. OK, now I'm craving for more black sesame ice-cream. Aigoooo.
OK, last but not least, With the focus on using the freshest ingredients available, Awagyu Japanese Restaurant Johor Bahru is one of the much-lauded restaurants offering the most authentic Japanese barbecue. With friendly staff and a relaxing atmosphere, this is where you can relieve the tension of work and enjoy Japanese delights at its best without breaking your bank ;)

For more inquiry or info, reach them at: +6011 5776 4363. Don't forget to follow Awagyu Restaurant on Facebook for more upcoming and exciting promotion. 

Awagyu Restaurant
25C, Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir, Taman Abad
Johor Bahru, Johor

LUNCH TEPPANYAKI KE KITA? . Teppanyaki Premium Set Lunch 🍱 dekat Awagyu Restaurant sedap. Harga RM58++/set: . Wagyu...

Posted by Suzlin Azreena Nordin on Tuesday, October 13, 2020