Dua by Najwa Latif ft. Akwa Arifin

Dua by Najwa Latif ft. Akwa Arifin
Dua by Najwa Latif ft. Akwa Arifin | How cute is this? Please la jangan buat Mak asyik tersengih macam orang gila setiap masa. I'm not a fan of Najwa Latif, to be fair tak banyak lagu Melayu yang Mak suka tapi this song with Akwa Arifin sangat comel especially part rap Akwa Arifin:

Kau sentiasa buat aku jatuh cinta padamu
You don’t know that I’ve been praying
Hoping that you will be my boo
Cukup hari I must stop obsessing over you
You’re flame
That’s I’ve been saying
To get you it’s a must it’s a win
Tak dapat nanti aku boleh jadi gila wey
I mean take a look at you
Independent natural
Ain’t gonna find a fighter better than you
I swear to God
Since I tell for you hard
Things are not the same
Can’t focus on my game
Thinking about you when you’re away
Aku asyik rindu
Makan pun tak lalu
I just want to be with you
Sampai ke anak cucu
Because when you sing, I too want to sing
Try to perform di dalam kereta di atas highway
It’s just us two
Tak lagi sendu
I have decided to have my heart stuck deep in you
My baby you

The higlighted lirik above - serious shit, so sweet make me wanna cry. I keep it on repeat and bila dengar rasa nak sengih je. Remind me of apa tau, feeling masa bercinta. Butterflies in your stomach, the rush, the adrenaline, the spirit, the passion, the excitement, the daydreaming and whatsnot. Oh my, my heart can't take this. Don't you all miss that?

Congrats Najwa Latiff and Akwa Arifin. And did I say Akwa Arifin sangat handsome? Oh my god, pengsan. OK, it's official. Mak crush on Akwa Arifin, now :')

You can watch their on Youtube - Dua by Najwa Latiff ft. Akwa Arifin OMV. Yes, you are welcome.