Awak tahu tak 18 Mac 2021 bulan hadapan, genap setahun sejak Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) dekat negara kita? So, how you all doing guys? Mak macam biasalah, since retrenchment last year - still staying at home doing this and that; baking, cooking and gardening. Honestly with kids and all, kadang-kadang even rasa on the brink of ruin BUT why don't we just nikmati waktu sekarang; time well spend with family and friend and look forward shall we?


The year 2020 has been dedicated to lockdowns and travel restrictions. Never have we imagined that there will come a time when we will not only be able to travel, but will also have to work from home for a long period of time. This pandemic really affects us, like really bad. This time is hard for most of us.

But believe me, kalau PKP dah habis there will be a long list of things to do semacam wish list. Well mostly involve traveling to other state, eating out - bunyi macam ridiculous, but we must admit that nowadays this thing dah macam some kind of luxury tau. Kan? Put your hands up, if you feel me. Who doesn’t miss the excitement, the suspense, the sights, the flavors, the experiences, and the people when we are travelling, kan?

Setahun kebelakangan ni, rasanya macam dua kali je Mak travel keluar dari Johor. Bulan Ogos last year Mak drive all the way from JB-KL-Port Dickson and Melaka. Rancang kononnya on the way back, nak singgah Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson – sebab suddenly it such a hype dekat social media. Everyone are allowed to travel interstate, so there’s a lot of promotion here and there. End up, all full-booked. But still, it's good to see beloved family and friends there. Miss them so much! 

Then last month, just before an announcement of MCO 2.0; Mak sempat pergi Cameron Highland. Cuaca dekat sana so bright and cold, 18˚C. Surprisingly Alhamdulillah tak hujan and I have a good ME-time there; eating ice-cream, scones and strawberry, drinking teas – leisuring and suddenly case spike and as you know MCO started on 13 January this year. Lepas tu extend then extend lagi. But vaccines are here, at last! Hope all of this will end eventually.


Legoland Malaysia Hotels

Kan last time you are allowed to travel. So, I bring my kids to Legoland for Christmas and New Year celebration. It was fun, full of activities and my kids love it so much. Risau juga with increasing cases and all, but I believe all the hotelier really took care of it. Hand sanitizers are everywhere, strict SOPs being followed and all. 

The food buffet are the best. Nasib baik ada buffet. Tahu tak, since PKP last year most of the hotel bagi makanan in set which kita kena pilih, kita tak boleh makan semua. Harga tetap sama dengan kalau kita makan buffet. Tak ada discount tau. Jujur jelah, one thing that we really looking forward when we staying in the hotels, of course their buffet spread kan? Sebenarnya makan taklah banyak pun, tapi the variety of it satisfy your deep down gluttonous feeling without the hassle of preparing it – talking in a mom’s of 4 boys voice *rolled eyes* Even kena ikut SOPs; wearing glove, makan ikut masa cause you are only allowed to have breakfast in an hour and all – still best. Sebab boleh jamu mata and perut. 

Pulai Spring Resort
One of my favourite! Talking about the beautiful scenery, trust me – Pulai Spring  Resorts is the best. I wish I can be re-married here, someday. Like seriously. Haihhhh longing for that garden-themed wedding. Till that, this place will be my “getaway” staycation place. Ask for their picnic package or footgolf; have fun!

Holiday Inn JBCC 
If my friends ask me which hotel to stay in JB area/"Bandar" area, this hotel will be the first in the list. Obviously sebab hotel ni baru, everything baru, still ada bau “baru” there. Ada gym ada sauna, still clean. Ada dekat atas KOMTAR JBCC, turun bawah ada shopping complex. I mean like, every shopping complex; walking distance. So, bolehlah scam suami awak orang – minta belanja this and that. Pandora ke, Ice watch ke, Padini, Brand Outlet, Good2U, Bath & Body works, Sephora and the list go on and on. Dekat sebelah ada City Square; SK Jewellery and all. Mestilah ada Family Mart and the biggest Guardian, Watsons, IJ and Caring Pharmacy. Yes, you are welcome ;)

Banyak juga sebenanya hotel yang Mak stay during PKP ni. Saje jelah tukar angin, change environment sekejap. Nanti Mak cerita lagi eh in details. Banyak post overdue sebenarnya, tapi tulah. Seems like 24 hours a day tu sekejap sangat. Pagi sampai petang busy with PdPR kids and all, sekejap je dah malam. Aahh don’t make me start on this. Sometime I even forgot what the date is. Wait, hari ni hari apa? Like seriously *cry*

Well, walaupun it’s too early to predict when we can go back to travelling like we used to, we can of course check out our travel diaries that are full of reminiscences of the bygone days. When we gradually step out to travel with masks on and hand sanitizers in our pockets, there will be many things that would have already changed in the travel scene. Paling penting sekali, PLAN. Yes, planning is a must. Use online travel agent macam Traveloka ke, sebab most of the time they have this promotion rather than walk-in or bookdirect. So, kongsilah apa awak nak buat lepas PKP tamat. We love to hear from you! Till then, Salam.


  1. Banyak dah masuk list.. tapi kalau buka aje pintu... niat memang nak pi Umrah satu family selepas selesai majlis anak kawin nanti.. insyaAllah..

  2. Kalau tengok keadaan sekarang, covid bakal diteruskan lagi beberapa tahun.

    Apa2 hal kita doa mudah-mudahan Malaysia bebas Covid dan segala wabak penyakit.


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