Quick & Easy: Masak Lemak Telur Recipe, Revisited.

Honestly, discovering a meal that's quick to prepare, healthy, and makes your kids happy can be quite a challenge. That's where my ultimate go-to dish comes in – "Masak Lemak Telur," a Malaysian gem that's not quite a curry but delivers all the comforting flavors you crave. Imagine eggs poached in luxurious, fragrant coconut milk infused with turmeric, all with a hint of warmth that won't leave your kids reaching for water. And fear not, you can easily adjust the spice level to suit your family's preferences. So, let's dive in.

 A Flavorful One-Pot Delight for Busy Moms: Creamy Coconut Poached Eggs

Ingredients You'll Need:

4 large eggs
2 bird's eye chillies
1 green chilli
3 shallots
3cm galangal
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 lemongrass stalk (trimmed and lightly crushed)
1 cup of water
200ml coconut milk (I prefer Kara brand)
Salt to taste (I use 1 cube of Maggi Ikan Bilis and mushroom seasoning)
3 long beans (cleaned and cut into 1 1/2" pieces, optional)
2 potatoes (cubed, optional)
Cooking oil

  1. Whizz Up the Aromatics: Start by creating a flavor-packed paste. Using a stick blender, blitz together the bird's eye chillies, green chilli, shallots, galangal, and turmeric. This vibrant mix forms the heart of our dish.
  2. Sizzle and Stir: Heat up a bit of oil in a wide-based wok or a roomy pan that comes with a lid. Toss in the aromatic paste and the bruised lemongrass, and gently sauté. In about 5 minutes, your paste will transform into a soft, cooked masterpiece. Feel free to use a non-wooden spoon to avoid turmeric stains!
  3. Veggies Join the Party: If you're adding some extra goodness, throw in the long beans and potatoes. Let them hang out in the pan for about 5 minutes, letting the flavors mingle and develop.
  4. Creamy Coconut Magic: Time for the star ingredient – coconut milk! Pour in the coconut milk and water, and drop in the Ikan Bilis cube for that extra oomph. Crank up the heat to bring it all to a gentle simmer. Then, dial down the heat and let it simmer gracefully for around 7 minutes, stirring now and then. Watch the sauce evolve into a rich, golden delight.
  5. Season to Perfection: Adjust the flavors with your favorite mushroom seasoning or a dash of salt. You know your family's taste buds best, so feel free to tweak this step.
  6. Eggs Take Center Stage: Crack those eggs into the simmering sauce. For cautious cooks, you can crack them into cups first. Now, cover the pan with its lid and let the eggs have their moment. Around 4 minutes should give you whites that are set but yolks that are playfully runny. For firmer yolks, extend the simmering time.
  7. Plate and Indulge: With the eggs poached to perfection, it's time to serve. Get ready to see those smiles as you dish up this comforting creation alongside a steaming mound of rice.
Being a working mom doesn't mean sacrificing taste or quality. With "Masak Lemak Telur," you've got a flavor-packed, one-pot wonder that your boys (or girls) are sure to adore. Whether they're fans of a little heat or prefer things milder, this dish is versatile enough to accommodate everyone's preferences. So, embrace the ease of a single pot and the joy of a wholesome meal that brings your family together. Happy cooking, super moms!