Style Reloaded: Bigger Fonts, Wishlist Dreams, Blog Revamped!

Sleek blog design with larger fonts and updated wishlist. A chic screenshot inviting readers to explore the revamped space

Hi, kesayangan! Just wanted to give you a heads-up – my blog got a facelift! It's now sleek, responsive, and, most importantly, rocking bigger fonts for a comfy read. Because, let's be real, our eyes age like fine wine *batukbatuk*, and bigger fonts just make life easier. I've kept the thumbnail size as is (though open to suggestions) but ran into a tiny snag – preventing those pesky image crops. Any Otai out there, help this damsel out! Tibber.

Oh, did I mention? I've updated my wishlist for the year, and you can dive into it: HERE. Go ahead, and explore the new goodies I'm eyeing. It's like window shopping, but online! Also, quick heads up – I used to update my resolutions yearly, but life happened. Thinking of starting that tradition again, even if it's fashionably late in mid-February.

Wondering how my blog looks now? It's like a virtual spa day – refreshed and rejuvenated! Bigger fonts for a smoother read, responsive design for a seamless experience, and a subtle touch-up to keep things chic. But hey, I'm all ears – if you've got suggestions for improvement, spill the tea!

On a side note, the image thumbnail saga – a real head-scratcher. Despite my best attempts, those crops keep sneaking in. Bloggers, any tricks up your sleeves? P.S., I've spilled the beans in the Google Blogger Community – hoping for a tech-savvy hero!

Your support means the world. There's a lot of things I want to share here, and until the end of February, life will be busy with the kids, back-to-school preparations, and everything else. Explore the new look, peek at the wishlist, and if you've got tips on image sizes or just want to chat, hit me up. Here's to a fresh journey on the blog. P.S.: Don't miss the Tellonym (for those anonymous questions) on my sidebar, along with my other socmed links. Let's keep the conversation going!