Entri Meroyan.

OK. I want to let this "out" for once. For the past 1 year, seriously I'm struggling with this and that; ALL ALONE. Final year, practical training some more, final exam, being warded etc. till the end of last year. Alhamdulillah, everything berjalan dengan jayanya as it should. And I REALLY HOPE bila dah tak bergelar student, kuranglah "bebanan"nya sikit. REALLY HOPE, cause I believe I deserve it. Then bila masuk tahun baru, kena kerja, gain some money to survive blablabla which I can say that I dah masuk another stage of life. But somehow, being a young adult make me "cuckoo" a bit.
     Currently perkara yang paling menyemak minda, tengah sibuk "membela" rumah which REALLY need a lot of work and of course with limited budget memang progression nya lambat macam pfft~! Kejap, I need to specify this. I don't like it when contractor rumah buat kerja macam sh*t, water closet pun tak pasang, cat dinding sangat sh*t macam budak tadika yang mengecat, dinding pecah-pecah, piping bersepah, macam nak tercabut and bocor etc. AND they leave it just like that! Nak suruh siapa buat? Me? Itu baru one part. Oh please, don't make me start pasal toilet pulak. Benci gila.
      OK, fine. Terasa macam over reacting bila fikir-fikir balik. But it's their job! Please la buat kerja betul-betul. I'm a homeperson! Martha Stewart-wanna-be. For me, rumah sangat penting. I dah buat detail planning, dah bayar and I have my own dateline. Dengan keadaan macam ni, bila nak bawa masuk barang? How can I live in a house like that!! Tu baru fikir pasal house maintenance, belum fikir tentang budget barang elektronik and perabot yang nak dibeli; peti sejuk, washer machine, tilam, tikar+karpet, misc. Ah~ semualah. Kusut kepala. Itu cuma fikir pasal rumah, belum benda-benda lain lagi. (+______+)" 

     OK, chill. Maybe I just proceed pindah and just try to live in that house. Bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.  But boleh tak, malam ni I go to sleep then esok pagi when I go back to my house, everything is in order, clean and lengkap dengan all essential I need. Duit, sila jatuh dari langit. ATM machine, sila bubuh banyak kosong dekat my current account $$$ balance *sarcasm* OK, fine. Rasa nak nangis. I miss my old life.

P/S: Pardon me with my hormonal, unrealistic babbling. Hey, it's my birthday. Just let me be or do what I want, please? NO, I'm not a perfectionist. I just want to live my life. Don't want much, just want everything.


  1. saya faham situasi lin. kalau rumah saya kena buat mcm tu saya pun mengamuk juga, lin. lebih2 lagi rumah baru. huhu... sabar ya, lin.:)

  2. sabar ye lin. hope everything works out alright for you *hugs*

  3. walla pjg list tu !

  4. assalamualaikum su...hepi besday yer...;)


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