What’s on your playlist? by Suzlin

     You know somehow MUSIC is a cure/antidote to that negatives vibe that surrounds you, literally. With my Sony Walkman MP3 Player, 2GB which is more than enough space; I guess I can’t agree more with that. I purchased it in 2010 and still last till today. Beli sebab main features yang best which is 3 min charge for up to 90min playback and yup, tak perlu guna bateri as my previous MP3s cost me a lot. How cool is that. Features yang lain macam biasa, radio, record etc. bla bla bla. Which I don’t care much. 

     Cewah, macam iklan pulak. Berbalik pada tajuk entri ni, I just wanna share what's on my playlist and would love to know and hear back from you too. Boleh kita tukar-tukar playlist, right?
Roughly, Lin organize my playlist to different folder. Yang miscellaneous tu zikir amalan harian, amalan waktu pregnant, audio book and Hypnobirthing audio [will blog bout Hypnobirthing later]. While yang lain ada folder English, Malay and Sexy Playlist or I call it "confident" pick me-up boost. Hey, secretly semua orang pun nak rasa diri tu seksi. Hahaha. Folder Malay and English macam biasalah. Malay and English folders contain love song, evergreen, baru lama etc. While my sexy playlist ada lagu ni ;)
I'm sexy and I know it.
Cuba imagine, while you having that "bad time", alone. Hearing this kind of song, really put a smile on your face thinking "Aku seksi, aku seksi, aku seksi and I know it" and tergelak sendiri in disbelieve with your own statement. People around wonder what makes SHE smile and grin about. Gila ka? but hey, only you know what's on your own mind right? Tapi jangan buat selalu depan orang, kang orang fikir apa pulak.

Alamak, terkantoi suda~ rahsia why I always smiling around people. Hahaha. So, what's on your playlist reader? Share with me la.

P/S: Lama tak update blog.