Surviving Motherhood: Home-schooling?

Found 1 or 2 post on my streamline on FB bout Home-schooling. Tiba-tiba rasa berminat pulak nak apply the same method to my lil munchkin. No, bukan tak nak hantar anak ke sekolah tadika. Tapi, lebih kepada pembelajaran sebelum masuk tadika. But the truth is, I don't know where to start.
  • Is it too early?
  • Do I need some sort of syllabus?
  • Teaching style: Islamic? Formal? Typical?
  • Apa alat bantu mengajar yang ada?
  • Do I just let my baby just be a baby? You know what I mean.
  • Effect tak his socialization? Sebab tak sama level dengan another baby?
  • Will he loves it?
  • Develop stress tak dekat baby? [berbalik pada soalan pertama: is it too early?]
  • What kind of approaches do you use?
...and 1001 macam persoalan.

Try Google and tengok dekat Pinterest bout this. There it goes, a long list of this and that. Buat kita jadi rambang mata and blur. I guess I need to set the target first, what I want him to learn, what I want him to know etc. Tengok pro and cons. Patut cari guide books or article on this juga. Takut nanti kita "tersesat". Anak bukan experimental, right? 

Sadly, tak banyak buku bout home-schooling dalam Malaysia. Tak banyak or tak ada lansung? Or I should ask someone yang ambil Pendidikan Awal kanak-kanak? Maybe mereka lebih terdedah dengan method ni?

So for parents out there, please let me know and illuminates me. What kind of method do you use? Apa outcome yang kita patut expect? 

...or cuma ajar my babies 123, ABC, Alif Ba Ta, Color, Animal Ayat Lazim, Doa Harian, Solat, Mengaji etc. and let them learn bout everything else masa dekat tadika nanti?

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