RAMLY Fish Burger: Pengganti Filet O Fish McD?

Pernah try Burger Ikan jenama Ramly? Bukan yang jual dekat kedai burger, tapi kepingan burger ikan jenama Ramly. I bought this from my local store and cost me RM7.99. Honestly, I'm a fan of Filet O Fish McD but for certain reason, kena berhenti makan McD *batukbatuk* When I saw this dekat frozen food area, I said why not? Tak rugi pun try. Made in Malaysia ni. Sokong produk Malaysia.

So the next morning, I'm so excited to try this new thing. Forgot to buy roti burger and I replaced it with toasted wholemeal bread. Cara masak burger ni, deep fry then susun la macam sandwich tu: Roti, cheddar cheese, chilli sauce and tartar sauce. Result? Tak sama *cry* Fish burger dia sama macam nugget/kebab ikan je. Bukan isi ikan yang macam dalam Filet O Fish tu. 

My final verdict? NO, this can't replace Filet O Fish, tapi still sedap and I do love sandwich/burger. Mudah prepare, cepat and sedap dimakan.


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