What Women Want in Marriage

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I read this article on my sister’s blog some time ago and want to share it here because as a woman and a wife myself, I couldn’t agree more. It’s what every woman wants and what every husband should at least know and do their best to be one.

Women get married to find a special friend. They want someone who will…

Share their secrets
Laugh and joke with them
Love them unconditionally
Cherish and adore them while being romantic
Making them feel beautiful
She wants a man strong in his deen. Someone who can stand up and take the responsibility of the household, and help raise their children in accordance with Islam.

They want someone who will be attracted to them emotionally through their personality, and attracted to them through their bodies. A woman wants a partner who will strive together with her through this life. Laughing and rejoicing through the good times. Sticking by each other and supporting each other through the bad times. A woman wants her husband to be her friend, companion and her soulmate.

Any good husband MUST realize that a woman’s primary need is EMOTIONAL. He must take into account the prophetic tradition. And strive to be the BEST to his wife. He must take care of their wives and this entails treating them with love and respect, and striving to make them happy as men have been assigned this responsibility by Allah. If a husband can fulfill his wife’s primary needs, not only Allah would reward him, but his wife will definitely be content with him, and together the couple’s life will be more harmonious.

When a woman’s needs are fulfilled, she will be MORE willing to fulfill her husband’s needs. The BEST way to satisfy a woman’s emotional needs is to LISTEN to her and respond to her with COMPASSION. By listening to her intently, with your undivided attention, and taking a genuine interest in what she has to say, she will feel loved, cherished and important. And men must realize that when she approaches you with her problems, she doesn’t necessarily want solutions, she just wants a sympathy and understanding.

To have a successful relationship, both must understand each other’s needs. A husband must take into account that a woman’s needs and expectations are different than a man’s, and vice versa. If a woman and man finds a complete, fulfilling relationship, it is then that…a great intimacy for both has been achieved!

“When a woman’s needs are fulfilled, she will be more willing to fulfill her husband’s needs” —-> Don’t we all agree with this, women? It’s kinda like, “you get what you give”. If you give good, you’ll get good in return. If you treat your wife badly, she might refuse to fulfill your needs or treat you well. Memang isteri wajib patuh arahan suami selagi tak bercanggah dengan Islam but women are only human. Women have emotions too and not to mention, mood swings, PMS, menopause, etc etc. A wife is always willing to pattern her husband’s attitudes so the next time your wife is giving you the silent treatment or if something is wrong with your marriage, ask yourself what have you done (or what have you not done) instead of blaming her. There’s always a reason why she’s acting the way she is.

When you are loving, compassionate, understanding and able to provide with your wife’s emotional needs (as well as other things), she will be content with you and be willing to provide you with your needs and do her duties as a wife. Senang cerita, treat your wife the way you would like to be treated. Even the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “The most perfect Muslim in the matter of faith is one who has excellent behavior; and the best among you are those who behave best towards their wives”.

So men, treat your women right! It’s among the greatest responsibilities that has been placed upon you. After all, don’t you men want to be the dream guy – the “Mr. Right” for your partner?
Be a man! (mimicking Russell Peters). Be the man.

Thank you.


  1. betul2... sis iza cakap pape selalu bernas kan :)

  2. Alhamdulillah. Abe dah singgah sini & dah tinggalkan jejak jugak follow sini dari www.queachmad.com

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  3. I agree with what you have shared. My marriage says alive because we understand each other and there's a balance between us, sometimes its him and sometimes its me. So far so good.


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