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Monday, March 3, 2014


Lin cuti hari ni, plan nak pergi survey kasut and shawl for majlis end of this month but as my hubby tiba-tiba kena kerja pukul 3pm, kami kena rush pulak. duh. Tak kisahlah, yang penting dapat pergi dating berdua, as I leave Adam with his Nenek. Don't judge me, Lin tak pernah tinggal Adam kalau nak pergi mana-mana well except pergi kerja of course. Well, I admit for almost 8 months being parents, memang super exhausted and we really need this quality time for each other (>_____<)"
     Start with breakfast at Old Town then AEON Tebrau, survey kasut and shawl, cari lipstik terbaru Silkygirl dekat Watson, lunch then terus balik "menatang" Adam. I would say even sekejap and sound boring, but this is heaven! Rasa macam muda-muda dulu dating dekat Ipoh. Hahaha. Thanks Abah. Walaupun baru balik kerja pukul 7 pagi and tak tidur lagi, still gigihkan diri berdating. ngeh~
     Oh, did I say Adam dapat new walker from his Atok? Beliau sangat teruja. Thank you Atok!
Then petang sambung lagi berjalan without my hubby. Uda, Daniel, Adam and me pergi Karnival Eksplorasi Ilmu by PTS dekat Pusat Bandar. Buy some books for Daniel and me. Lin beli buku ni for myself.
Maka berakhirlah aktiviti jalan-jalan pada hari cuti. Rasa macam sekejap je. Huhuhu.

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