Butterfly Project X Watson Malaysia JB, Store Visit April

Here I am, dekat Makeup Studio, new beauty department dekat Watsons City Square, JB. Beza Watsons store ni dengan another Watsons store yang lain ialah, they sell high-end product and exclusive brands macam Indeed Lab range, Cremorlab, Ciracle, Bollywood Professional Cosmetics, Victoria Jackson makeup range etc. Ala-ala Muse by Watsons tapi versi mini. Best kan?

My session start with Indeed Lab product introduction by my beauty advisor that day, Alex. Macam-macam product ada. I’ve tried this (including Indeed Lab new product: Vitamin C24):
Layer by layer, takut kita. Kita dah lah jarang bubuh skincare other my current skincare, takut berat and ada allergy reaction ke. Surprisingly, my skin doesn’t feel heavy at all and tak ada rasa pedihpedih ke apa. The best part?  This selection of product by Alex (based on my skin analysis result) really give that “instant result”, lembut je kulit kita afterwards macam pergi spa pula. 
Then Alex introduced me to Bollywood Professional Cosmetics range pulak.

Yup. I’ve learn a lot. Thanks to Alex’s makeup tips and trick.  

Moreover, kita dapat goodie bag consist of samples. Yeah! Sekarang tengah gigih sapu Vitamin C24, tengok la dalam sebulan ni, mak jadi cantik dan vogue. Nanti kita review this product ok? Stay tuned.
Last but not least, thanks to Tammy the Queen, Amanda, Alex the Beauty Expert, Indeed Labs and The Butterfly Project for this opportunity. 

Till then, :)