Spicy Korean Ramen Challenge

Spicy Korean Ramen Challenge
Yup. We did it. Well actually, tika saat ini Lin, myself dah makan 5 bungkus sejak sebulan yang lalu. *gelak besar*
Ada dua perencah, 1 bungkus paste pedas and other one is sesame and seaweed. Gaul-gaul.
As per instruction, kena rebus and goreng bagai. But we didn't do it. Buat macam mee sedap je. How it taste? Mak aih~ berapi. Mengalir air hidung air liur semua, unbearable. Can't even talk. First time Lin makan dengan my siblings. Then with Abah AIF. They can't stand it better than me.
*gelak besar lagi. proudly*

Walaupun tak menahan, somehow we crave for it again and again. Some goes to my ibu's sambal belacan. Walaupun pedas, kumakan jua berulang kali sampai gastrik.
*gelak lagi besar*

Sesiapa yang belum pernah cuba, sila prepare susu ya. It works to kurangkan that un-BEARable spiciness.

P/S: Tak sanggup record video. Kang korang tengok our condition, bukan setakat ramen, benda lain pun korang tak sanggup makan nanti. Hahaha.

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