I’ve been diapering non-stop for the past six years. Well, I guess that’s what you get from having 4 kids in succession. So, if you were to ask Mak for my opinions on diapers, you bet I would have a LOT to say. Here I am sharing my experience as a current Huggies user, and as you read on, you will also get to know why I decided to stick to Huggies brand ;)
My kids eat, drink and pee a lot! So it's important for me to find the best and affordable diapers in the market. Normally after a long day (or outing), a baby normally needs a change or two. I was pleasantly surprised to find that while the diaper was feeling rather heavy (lots of pee), it didn’t leak (+dry surface). So, I let my baby to wear his new Huggies Dry Pants to bed that night. The next morning, Yusuf slept in longer than usual and when I checked his diaper, it actually felt dry. Absolutely amazing!

1,000 Fast Absorbing Micro Holes
1,000 fast absorbing micro holes absorb wetness rapidly and lock it in, keeping your baby’s gentle skin dry and comfortable.
5-Way Comfort Fit
With Comfort 5 Technology flexible fit in 5 areas: waist at tummy, waist at back, two legs and crotch - enhanced stretch and elasticity.

Absorbs Up To 10 Hours
Absorbs urine for up to 10 hours, helping your baby feel dry through the night. Based on average urine produced per 10 hours and 100% retention capacity of the diaper.

100% Breathable
Allows air to escape up to 10X faster* to help prevent diaper rash. Their Their U-fold technology provides double leak barriers which help prevent urine leakage along the legs.
*VS non-breathable covers Leak Guard

My baby hate diaper change - Have you ever tried changing diaper for a squirming super active half-man who runs away before you’re done? Not fun. Especially when you all go out together, me and my 4 kids. No, it's not funny. But now, I could change his diapers upright; whenever, wherever!

When my baby is happy, I’m happy. Isn’t that all that matters to us #GengMakMak? Thanks Huggies for this innovative product! For great bargain of Huggies Dry Pantsgreat bargain of Huggies Dry Pants; log on to to get your hands on this, NOW!