DIY: Liquid Deodorant

Crystal Deodorant, it does work; at least for me. Its cheap, long lasting, natural etc. But the downside part is, kalau jatuh je terus pecah bersepai. So, apa yang awak boleh buat dengan crystal deodorant yang pecah? Lin nak share this tips, so here it goes.
What you will need:
Crystal Deodorant yang pecah [obviously], distilled water, 30ml spray bottle [I buy it from Daiso for RM5] and Zip Lock Bag OR mortar and pestle.
Put the broken crystal in the zip lock bag and crush it  OR you can just pulverized it in a mortar until it become like this:
OK. This look weird. I imagine myself as drug dealer when doing this
Finally, put about one tablespoon of the powder into the spray bottle and top up with distilled water. Give a good shake and leave it for 24 hours before using it. That's it! Don't forget to label baki crystal powder tu, or someone will end up using it as garam or worst, your dad mistakenly thought her daughter is a drug addict. I'm serious.