Adam Demam, Batuk dan Selesema.

"u know somehow u can jab somebody stomach with insulin anytime, anywhere; but u can't even give ur son fever meds when he's sick and become panic instead.duh,"
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Adam demam beserta selesema and batuk. I don't know that baby 6 months can have cough too. Tak pernah pun dispense ubat batuk dekat baby. Saya sangat panik and worry like h*ll. OK, fine. Anak orang lain pun demam, macam lah rare sangat perkataan demam tu kan. But who cares, this is my son. Of courselah risau. Dah bagi PCM since yesterday. He seems OK. Last night Adam macam tak boleh tidur, tapi dia tak nangis. Cuma guling-guling maybe menghiburkan hati sendiri di tengah malam. *gasp*
     But this morning he keep crying. As I stated earlier, dia selesema. It become worst, hidung tersumbat and susah nak bernafas. Adoi. Nasal aspirator tak beli pulak, Vicks pun tak ada. So Lin baringkan dia mengereng, urut dada dia pakai minyak TYT and tepuk-tepuk belakang dia. Then teringat this method. Thank god I read about CPT [Chest Physical Theraphy]. Try buat dekat Adam, and it works! Adam start gagging and muntahkan mucous. Alhamdulillah. Dia OK.

So, jom belajar CPT bersama-sama which you can read about it here: 

Nampak macam tak penting, but you never know. Right?

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