Festival Layang-Layang Sedunia ke-19!

Hari ni Ibu and Abah cuti. So kami and Adam pergi festival layang-layang, yeah~~~! This will be the first time Abah and Adam pergi festival layang-layang. Abah sangat teruja tengok layang-layang pari, sotong, nemo so and so but Adam?
Adam cakap dia booorrrriiinngg~ I was like, OK fine jom ambik gambar banyak-banyak.
The best part? Dapat makan burasak makan dengan kuah kacang and serunding. Sedap giler! Lembut. Entah berapa jam lah makcik tu rebus kan? But after all, the best best best best part of course lah spending quality time with family.
...and kami jumpa pokok ni!
Ini sangat rare. Abah sangat teruja. Lin lagilah tiap-tiap tahun pun teruja as they do this every year.
Oh, next year Adam dah almost 2 tahun. So, I guess boleh lah bawa Adam tengok layang-layang waktu malam pula. InsyaAllah.

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