Review: MAGGI Magic Meals Fragrant Spiced Soy Chicken

Finally decided to try this kind of one-pot dish, or I must say in-1 plastic dish? Cost me RM3.20 per packet dekat Tesco.

This is one of 3 MAGGI Magic Meal range. Selain tu ada MAGGI Magic Meals Aromatic Chicken Curry [Kari Ayam Beraroma] and MAGGI Magic Meals Savoury Tomato Chicken [Savouri Ayam Masak Merah]. What a good product kan, cuma tambah 1 or 2 simple ingredient, masak dan makan. You didn't have to be there nak kacau-kacau bagai etc. 
500g of chicken, potong bawang and 50ml of water. Ikat dengan pengikat yang disediakan [warna merah as you can see on above picture] then masak sekali dalam rice cooker bersama nasi for 45 minutes minimum. 

My verdict? This MAGGI Ayam Masak Kicap Berempa sebiji rasa macam Ayam Pongteh, minus mushroom and kentang of course. Lin tak berapa suka sangat. Rasa macam bubuh taucu pun ada. Tak suka taucu. Untuk rasa I give 4 over 10. But untuk time-saving, convenient blablabla.. I give 10! Sangat-sangat sesuai untuk orang yang busy. Money saving? No. I guess I can save up more money by masak from scratch. Lagi sedap, rasanya. Hohoho.


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