Power Pumping!

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"No pump can remove milk from the breast as well as an effectively nursing baby, so pumping does not maintain milk supply as well as a nursing baby. Because of this, the greater the percentage of baby’s nourishment provided by pumping (rather than direct breastfeeding), the greater the possibility that mom may have to work harder to maintain supply."

And this:

"It is quite normal to need to pump 2-3 times to get enough milk for one feeding for baby (remember that the pump cannot get as much milk as a baby who nurses effectively)...Don’t get discouraged if you are trying to build up a freezer stash when nursing full time and don’t get much milk per pumping session — this is perfectly normal and expected."

How to do the power pump:
"Power pumping involves using regular pumping techniques and setup, but in a unique way. The idea is to mimic a baby who is nursing frequently to increase a mother’s supply, as is common in the nursing relationship during a growth spurt." - Hilary Jacobsen, founder of MOBI
Prepare for a normal pumping session, pump for 10-20 minutes.
  • Rest for 10 minutes 
  • Pump 10 minutes 
  • Rest 10 minutes 
  • Pump for 10 minutes 
  • Continue this cycle for 60 minutes once a day, for up to a few days. 
The amount of milk you pump by the end of the session doesn't matter - it may be only drops - but the goal is to stimulate your breasts and the "supply and demand" principle to encourage your body to make more milk.

Some extra tips:
  • If you can use a hospital-grade pump, it'll help even more! I rented a Medela for the first month and loved it. Search "breast pump rental" and your city name, or contact the lactation consultants at your local hospital, midwifery school or birthing center.
  • Investing in a hands-free breastpump bra makes pumping sessions so much easier - you can flip through a magazine, eat a meal, or catch up on blogs. 
  • Try not to watch the amount of milk coming out of the pump - think of this saying: A watched pot never boils. Same for pumping.
  • Remember when we talked about using relaxation and visualization? It works for pumping, too! One study has shown that the moms of hospitalized babies who listened to guided relaxation or soothing music while pumping had an increased pumping output - up to 2-3 times their normal output!