Hospitalization Leave Due to Kidney and Gallbladder stone

It's time for a real-life update, and unfortunately, it involves a less-than-pleasant journey through kidney and gallbladder stones. Since the early months of 2022, kidney and gallbladder stones have been lingering in my health history. Everything seemed manageable until the closing days of 2023 when a sudden sharp pain in my lower back and recurring gastritis turned my world upside down. At first, I dismissed it as another fleeting discomfort of my mid-30s *cough* - a (not so young anymore) period when being sick is a luxury one can ill afford, juggling between parenting, corporate world, and the relentless demands of daily life.

As the symptoms persisted and intensified, I knew I couldn't ignore it any longer. The diagnosis revealed a host of stones in my kidneys and bladder, some surpassing 1cm in size. Turns out they didn't appreciate my rock collection in there, yes? Kidding. Upon the doctor's recommendation, I was referred to the hospital.
Hospitalization Leave: Kidney and gallbladder stones, a personal journey.

So this time, with the kids on school holiday and a supportive presence at home, I decided to address my health concerns. The journey began on the 8th of February with a laser procedure, accompanied by the insertion of a stent to aid in post-procedure care. Despite being discharged on the 10th, the persistent pain lingered, challenging the simplest of tasks. Eating became a tough task, making me feel nauseous and causing me to throw up, while my bladder seemed to have a will of its own.

The experience left me feeling overwhelmed. Attempting to shift my focus from the pain, I resorted to activities like games and reading (and blogging), spending most of my days confined to the bed. Grateful for well-behaved kids who understood the gravity of the situation, the week-long ordeal finally concluded. However, I have another medical appointment coming up to remove the stent, extending this unexpected health journey.

I've been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and cutting back on sugar and caffeine, it seems my body has different plans. So from now on, I really need to reevaluate my health priorities. Maybe it's time to clean up my diet further, reducing protein intake, and keeping a closer eye on my salt consumption.

In the midst of it all, my Kesayangan provided a silver lining perspective, viewing this health hiatus as a blessing in disguise - a forced reprieve that allowed for much-needed rest and recovery. Unless, of course, life throws another surprise in the form of a pregnancy, which comes with 98 days of maternity leave and a baby (read: another commitment). HAHAHA.


  1. Uncle pun pernah cuba tukar cara heathy life tu.... yang lain ok. Tapi yg paling susuh tu tang caffeine tu.... susahnya nak buang!

    1. Betul. Since zaman study, caffeine dah sebati dah dengan diri ni, and somehow I've developed a tolerance to it. If I don't have coffee, I get extremely sleepy. Masa lunch, kita skip and just take a nap. Otherwise, balik kerja dengan one-hour long drive lagi, memang mencabar betul.

  2. Alhamdulillah finally. Speedy recovery ya.

  3. Patutnya saya minggu ni kena operation yang sama juga. Batu karang dalam buah pinggang (staghorn stone) yang dah setahun lebih duk bertapa. Detect masa pregnant the last one. Sekarang umur dia dah 1 tahun. Tapi itulah. Kena postpone bulan 6 pulak. Bertabah je la tunggu turn.

    1. Kena banyak-banyak minum air dengan ORS la nampaknya sementara tunggu Jun tu. Kita sekarang pakai stern pun dah rasa tak selesa sangat.


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