Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pumping Schedules for Working Mom

Pumping schedules for working mom's to choose. Which one suit you better ??
Currently for the past 3 days Lin wake up as early as 2 a.m. to pump. Cuma dapat 1 bottle 160ml max.
Serius, sedih. Sedapkan hati by saying that Adam already 7 months so if his thirsty dia boleh minum air masak or juice. Kalau lapar, boleh makan bubur that I prepared. Ada backup plan juga, FM [Formula Milk] which seboleh-bolehnya Lin nak elak.
2 am - Pump and breastfeed Adam bila dia bangun
7.30 am - Breastfeed Adam before work
Cannot pump masa kerja as I'm working in lab. Continuous work and environment tak berapa sesuai.
12.30 pm lunch - Balik rumah and breastfeed Adam
4.30 pm - Balik and breastfeed.
Nightime BF if Adam wakes~

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