BBF Beauty Box: Unboxing My First ever... Beauty Box!

Have you ever heard of Beauty Boxes?!
Beauty Box: Monthly subscription service that delivers a package of full/travel or sample products to your door every month.
A few months ago, I didn't know about this beauty box until I saw Youtubers review on Glossy Box [UK Beauty Box]. I would love to have that, but as the box itself cost £10/RM49 each tak masuk kos delivery. Well I guess, I have to wait until someone in Malaysia comes up with that idea.

Surprisingly last month, a friend of mine posted an entry of a beayty box she had just received and this is how I discovered this "Malaysian Beauty Box" which apparently arrived in Malaysia for the last 3 months. So it's actually old news for everyone but me.

After visiting a few research on blogs and website, I discovered that there're three brand of beauty boxes in Malaysia. So I've decided to try the Malaysia’s first beauty box subscription which is BBF Beauty Box. [Since June 2012]
BBF Beauty Box
BBF Beauty Box
This is how the box look like, I simply love it. For the last 3 boxes, they use different box for each month. Tapi starting from next month box subscription, they will use new official box [as stated on BBF official Fanpage]. 
BBF Beauty Box
September Box: Back to Nature
Product List
BBF Beauty Box
Full size item:
Lippygirl Organic Mineral Blush
Lippygirl Organic Lipstick
[I'm looking forward to both of Lippygirl item this month. Organic Makeup from Canada, totally the bomb. Nanti Lin buat review and swatches for this]
The Face Shop Flower-touch hand lotion: Orchid 
The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Cucumber
BBF Beauty Box
Sample size item:
Bed Head TIGI urban anti+dotes Shampoo and conditioner
The Face Shop Baby Face Wash-off Mask Pore Care Pack
The Face Shop Baby Face Hydrogel Mask Hyaluronic Acid
The Face Shop Rasberry Roots Sleeping Mask
Back to Nature Ancient Oasis Mineral Bath Salt
Product brochure, flyers [contains organic stuff recipes etc.], cute stickers and of course, Cleo September Magazine!
BBF Beauty Box
About BBF Beauty Box
BBF stood for BEAUTY BODY FACE. BBF Bauty Box will bring you 4 to 5 exciting full or travel size product to your doorstep with different fantastic theme each month!
Price: RM48/month
[Facebook Page/Website]
Additional info: They even provide a beauty box for men!

  • Super generous
Let's do a little math here.
Item price for full size product [not including those samples]
Lippygirl Organic Mineral Blush, RM51.27
Lippygirl Organic Lipstick, RM48.17
The Face Shop Flower-touch hand lotion: Orchid, RM25.90
The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Cucumber, RM10.20
Cleo Magazine, RM5
TOTAL: RM140.54. See?
  • Will provide new top product in the market, or any anything you never would have tried or perhaps never even heard of.
Example: Lippy Girl from Canada.
  • Free Magazine! 
Cleo, Glow by Watson etc.
  • No-hassle
No need to register, etc. Just confirm your subscription each month, make a payment and wait for your beauty box to arrive!
  • 15% off for Hari Raya, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Independence day, Hari Malaysia and of course! on your birthday month!
...and each beauty box subscription profit will goes to charity!

  • No leaflet.
Leaflet with handy hints and tips to go with the products would be nice.
  • Per month subsription.
You need to renew your subscription every month.
  • Limited box each month.
So you have to be quick before it ran out. [Subscription open every 1st of the month]

My verdict: 
A bit pricey tapi RM48 for RM100++ product value? [Good value for money] Would looking forward to next October BBF beauty box [Theme: Cutie]! 

Stay tuned for more reviews!

Dislaimer: This review post is not sponsored.


  1. Cam best je tp ntahla..i tak brp minat kot brg the face shop ni..huhu..

    1. Produk dia tiap-tiap bulan lain brand (^________^)

  2. fabulous Finds is pretty awesome aswell

  3. pakai yg besa2 je.... asalkan sesuai ngan face n skin....
    lain2 packaging lain2 brand???? so yg older brand tu dh x kuar??

    1. betul tu. tapi kadang-kadang terasa jugak nak pakai product high end kan? so at least this is the most affordable ways to have them. (^_______^)

  4. Replies
    1. tulah pasal kak. kalau kat oversea, meletop-letop orang cakap pasal glossybox, glambox, ipsy, vanity trove etc. Congrats to BBF founder sebab bawa masuk superb idea ni dekat Malaysia :)

  5. Actually,this is 1 month older than Fabulous Finds so i said this is the first ever beauty box in Malaysia with an affordable price and genorous stuffs,i'm so going to subscribe this soon,so awesome!! :D

    1. yes, absolutely. (^_______^) <3 can't wait for this month BBF Cutie Box!

  6. edisi back to nature banyak produk la. bestnya...

    1. Itulah pasal. Last month, experiment box tau sebab BBF buat kotak baru. Rasanya this month pun dapat banyak kut and of course, magazine.


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