Salam, girls! As dijanjikan, I would reveal my current skincare that I’m using which help me to get rid my acah-acah akil baligh kind of jerawat ;) First, FYI, I have matured kind of skin *cough*. Combination; dry on the cheek and chin (U-zone) and oily on the T-zone. Currently my skin concern will be: to get rid of this acne in between my eyebrow yang tumbuh melata, and scarring.

So, let me introduce to not 1, but 3 product from URIAGE EAU THERMAL range, which is: (REMOVE, CLEAN AND SOOTHE step)

THERMAL MICELLAR WATER – Combination to Oily Skin 250ml

  • 2 in 1, Cleanser + Makeup remover
  • Cleanse, Purify & Balance sebum levels
  • No rinse

URIAGE THERMAL WATER is water for the skin because it acts in perfect osmosis with your skin. Because Uriage Thermal Water is soothing, hydrating, and one of the most active of its kind, The Uriage Dermatological Laboratories combined it with the effectiveness of highly cleansing micelles. The non ionic surfactants in micelles act like magnet that effectively trap make up and impurities.

- Uriage Thermal Water
- Glycerin
- Green apple extract
- Gentle non-ionic surfactants
- Hypoallergenic
- Ophthalmologically tested

Direction for Use: Soak a cotton pad with Thermal Micellar Water and gently wipe over the face, eyes and neck to cleanse without rinsing. Complete the eye make-up removal with the Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover. Spray Uriage Thermal Water all over the face and let it penetrate. Do not dry. Finish by applying your daily care product.

Price: RM80.90 (

When it comes to no-rinse makeup remover, I would still prefer to rinse afterwards. Why? sebab certain no-rinse makeup remover leaves my face sticky and look oily, thus, sometime cause me small breakout here and there. Don’t make me start with product that claim can be use on face and EYES, but it sting my eyes like HELL.

But NOT THIS ONE, one word from me, grab it. Cause this one perfect ;) Heavy makeup? Gone, in 1 single step orang bilang ;)


  • Gentle Cleansing
  • Purifying, Clarifying and anti-sebum
  • With rising

- Uriage Thermal Water
- Glycerin
- Green apple extract
- Gentle non-ionic surfactants
- Hypoallergenic
- Ophthalmologically tested

Direction for Use: Lather a small amount of gel in your hands and apply to a damp face and body. Rinse off thoroughly. Use mornings and evenings.

Price: RM61.90 

OK, I must be honest with this one. Less foamy, (I’ve tried it with bubble maker pun tak ada buih sangat) and but still dry up my skin a bit. 1st week of using, there is no more big acne, but ada 2,3 small jerawat on the skin surface. That kind of pimples yang you picit and it gone without scarring. (You know what I mean). But thanks to below product, which I love the most!


  • Stimulates key elements of skin barrier: cutaneous barrier is restored & ensures more effective protection against external aggression while maintaining the skin’s hydration.

Product Function: Hydrate skin, Reduce inflamation, 100% Isotonic

Ingredient: 100% Aqua Uriage Thermal Water

Direction for Use: Spray on as often as you feel the need to. Leave it on to act. Do not dry or wipe off to boost the penetration of the active ingredients.

Price: RM20.90

The best product ever! Keep my skin hydrate 24/7. After 2 weeks of using, my face significantly “look clean and hydrate”, perfect to get that “after-shower look” without makeup. Fine mist unlike others yang keluar macam stream, setepek kena dekat muka. HAHA.

Overall, my verdict is, this is a good product for you to try. Don’t worry, it does have different product for different skin types for you to choose from. Till then, salam.


Since its creation in 1992, the Uriage brand has been meeting the needs of sensitive skin thanks to its internationally renowned dermatological expertise.


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