Health Freak.

Ini kurap:
Ini bukan kurap, ini Allergy:
Seriously I'm a freak when it comes to health. Bukan mengada-ngada or what, but it's because I have to. Since kecil Lin ada penyakit alahan yang teruk; due to low immune system. Like seriously, kena rumput tak boleh, makan seafood tak boleh, kena habuk pun tak boleh, kena selar matahari tak boleh, tak boleh berpeluh sangat, asthma, urticaria, tak boleh kena gigit nyamuk, and 1001 macam perkara. Ok fine, bunyi dia macam mengada-ngada. But please, I will jatuh sakit berbulan and continuously kalau tak jaga. To be honest, seriously this make me feel really depressed. 
     Pernah dulu one time, masa Lin masuk sekolah berasrama, I have this skin allergy, urticaria. The sad thing is, no one want to be friend with me at that time, like seriously. NO ONE! Not that I'm being melancholy here but the fact that they said diorang takut berjangkit dengan my disease and even call me "budak kurap". I'm all alone. Oh please~ Can you please imagine apa yang saya rasa for the whole 3 years I've been there? Super alone and being treat like the most disgusting "creature"? Like hell! Stress pasal jauh dengan family lagi, stress pasal allergy yang on and off, stress dengan orang-orang, stress dengan study. Don't you see kalau dah tak ada Allergy my skin look super cantik? Ada bekas kurap ke? but still at that time I keep hating, asking and blaming myself kenapa tak macam orang lain. OK, off story. Teremo pulak. (>_________<)"
     As I grow up now, I've learn to accept myself as I am. But till now, still tak boleh nak elak certain-certain situation bila you kena explain dekat orang yang tak understanding tentang keadaan you. Nak buat macam mana kan? Lantak pi lah. Kalau kita sakit, kita yang rasa; bukan orang.

Glad to know that I'm not alone.


  1. Replies
    1. Sedang bersabar la ni. Huhuhu. (^____________^)"

  2. sy pun tak blh kna rumput,kena gigit nyamuk,seafood kdg2 ok,kdg2 x..susah kan?kita je faham keadaan kita ni

    1. Betul kak. Glad to know that I'm not alone. TQ.


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