11 Good Reasons to Drink Butterfly Pea Flower (Bunga Telang) Tea

The Butterfly Pea Flower, scientifically known as Clitoria ternatea, is a plant grown mainly in South East Asia. People there have been using it for a very long time to make tea that is good for our health and skin. They also believe it has special powers connected to love and protection.

In India, this flower is connected to a strong goddess and is offered during daily ceremonies. In Thailand, it's called Anchan tea, and there's a story about a special adventure involving this flower. People in Thailand and Malaysia also use it to make their food look colorful and tasty.
One cool thing about this flower is that it changes color when we add lemon or something sour to the tea. It starts as blue but then turns bright violet because of the lemon's effect. This has made the flower really popular all around the world, especially among chefs and people who make drinks.
This flower is not only pretty, but it also has many health benefits and has a lot of history and stories behind it. That's why drinking Butterfly Pea tea is a great idea!
  1. Good for Your Body: Butterfly Pea flowers have strong things called antioxidants that help your body. These can make the inflammation go away and stop cancer cells from growing. They also have other antioxidants that fight cancer, reduce inflammation, and boost your immune system.
  2. Helps Your Brain: People have used Butterfly Pea flowers for a long time to make their brains work better. It can help with memory, stress, and even problems like ADHD. This is because of a special part in the flower that's good for your brain.
  3. Better Eyesight: Drinking Butterfly Pea tea can also make your eyes stronger. The tea has something called anthocyanin that makes blood flow better to your eyes. This helps with eye problems like glaucoma and blurry vision.
  4. Healthy for Reproduction: Some old ideas and evidence show that Butterfly Pea flowers are good for women's health and can even help when having babies. It might also be helpful for men's reproductive health.
  5. Controls Sugar: Butterfly Pea flowers can help control your blood sugar levels, which is good for people with diabetes. It can protect your cells and keep your sugar levels stable.
  6. Gives You Nice Skin: Butterfly Pea flowers are not only good for drinking or eating, but they can also make your skin better. They have things that make your skin look nice, keep it hydrated, and slow down aging. It can also help with skin problems like redness and itching.
  7. Healthy Hair: Butterfly Pea flowers are not only good for your skin but also for your hair! They have something called anthocyanin that makes blood flow better to your scalp. This helps make your hair stronger, helps it grow, and even makes it darker.
  8. Good for Digestion: Butterfly Pea tea is used to help with digestion. It can make your stomach feel better and prevent bad bacteria. It also helps your liver work better and can even help you lose weight by getting rid of waste.
  9. Helps Breathing: This flower can also make your breathing better. It reduces irritation in your lungs and helps with coughs and colds. Some studies show it might be good for asthma and allergies too.
  10. Fights Diseases: Butterfly Pea is special because it has something called cyclotides that can fight diseases like cancer and HIV. It also helps with inflammation and blood flow, which is good when you're sick.
  11. Transformation: Butterfly Pea tea can change colors when you add lemon. This is like how we can change and grow as people. You can use this tea for meditation and think about the changes you want in your life.
The Butterfly Pea flower is truly one-of-a-kind, boasting unique physical qualities, a captivating history, and incredible health benefits. It's the ultimate drink to enjoy with anyone, anytime, and it's bound to infuse your life with a vibrant sense of positivity and excitement! Whether you're harnessing its powers to fight off diseases, elevate your natural beauty, or concoct special and mesmerizing cocktails for a memorable date night, get ready for a thrilling journey of flavor and well-being that will leave you utterly amazed and eager for more!


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