Rants on Weight Loss and My Fitness Goals

I think I need to lose weight. I don't want to tell you my actual weight now (HAHAHA!), but since the end of 2021, my weight has increased by 10kg. You know, I've been on quite the journey lately, navigating the twists and turns of motherhood while trying to reclaim a bit of that 'me-time.' I've been giving it my all, and on normal working days, I manage to rack up around 4,000 steps/daily – give or take – from Monday to Friday. But let's be real, once the office hours wind down, it's a mad dash to pick up the kids, get dinner sorted, and well, muster up whatever energy's left to put them to bed by 9 pm (As we need to get early for school and work to avoid traffic jam). 

A few years back, I was a regular at the gym, doing squats like a pro and high-fiving the treadmill. But then reality pulled me in a million directions – work, kids, chores, repeat. The gym slowly faded from my daily routine, and the only squats I did were picking up toys off the floor. And oh, the brownies and cookies – they became my confidants during late-night anxiety and kiddo's tantrums. Don't make me start with a sudden urge to cook, bake, eat, repeat.

But weekends, ah, weekends are my salvation. Easy to reach 10,000 steps/day as it's all about me and kiddos, strolling our way through the park's morning and evening hues. In between, kids were zooming around like Energizer bunnies, chaotic. Yet, here's the kicker – I've been eyeing a walking pad, particularly the Xiaomi brand (sort of?), to crank up the step count during those weekday hustles. Only snag? It seems to be stretching my budget. 

Xiaomi Kingsmith X21
As I mentioned earlier, the price tag on it is a bit steep, and I've got a few other things higher up on the priority list. So, I figure I'll just hang tight for a while, maybe wait for the price to take a dip, or scout around for a more pocket-friendly option, even considering a pre-loved one. No need to rush, though – for now, my trusty Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is doing the job just fine to achieve my fitness goals. This little gadget is a real jack-of-all-trades when it comes to health tracking, covering everything from heart rate and sleep quality to step count, distance, and even calorie burn. The icing on the cake? Handy notifications, and the nifty stress monitoring feature. It's like having a personal wellness assistant tagging along. Plus, it's a trooper with battery life, can handle a splash or two, and doesn't break the bank. 

Is it necessary to limit my food consumption? I grapple with emotional eating, often resorting to food as a coping mechanism during times of stress. This tendency has led me to frequently bake a variety of cakes, biscuits, and desserts to seek comfort and relief. Reflecting on last Ramadan, my weight loss amounted to 3kg, only to rebound post-Hari Raya celebrations. Yet, casting my mind back to my youthful days, I was capable of shedding an impressive 5-7kg per month effortlessly. This one time, I even made an attempt at the GM diet, nearly completing it, but eventually halted midway through the meal plan. I can't stand eating only vege and fruits. 

In conclusion, this journey of weight loss and my pursuit of fitness has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. It appears that I truly need to commit myself to a more decisive approach, don't you think?


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