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Monday, October 16, 2017

My 4th Pregnancy

Sebenarnya Mak tak tahu nak cerita pasal apa kalau bab pregnancy ni. Dah 3 previous pregnancy, maybe I should share bout my experience prenatal, postnatal, sort of? or my experience masa mak mula-mula TTC (try to conceive)? I don't know. But honestly pregnancy this time memang penat ya ampun juggling with my current 3 superheroes, dengan segala macam ailment, work stuff (I'm WAHM), house chores etc. all alone. Tuhan je lah tahu betapa rasa nak give up je kekadang.

Heh, I'm just being real and YES, IT'S A BOY, again. Ni last, lepas ni Mak nak tutup production dah *facepalm*

Did I told you that Mak pergi 4D Scan last month dekat Klinik Nur Aini, Pasir Gudang? RM100 for pic and video (dalam CD) and printed report. Best jugalah, tapi tak boleh compare Columbia Hospital punya 4D scan (with Dr. Rajesh, highly recommended).
4d scan 26 weeks
Baby sembunyikan muka, but kalau tengok above picture betul-betul you can see side of his face. He move actively masa scan session. Kejap pusing sana, kejap pusing sini. Hiccups some more. Especially when he hear his brothers voice. Macam tak sabar-sabar nak keluar main dengan abang-abang. *pengsan*

Of course la I'm super excited, in fact kami semua super excited. Alhamdulillah, he's doing just fine and actively kicking my thin stomach yang dah start develop stretch mark all over the place. I notice that this time, baby a bit bigger. Ke perasaan mak je? Even my husband ask whether I'm sure I'm pregnant with one baby cause my tummy look huge and at 6 months mak dah start look like penguin, walk like a penguin.

Apa-apa pun, it's confirm satu je dalam perut Mak ni. Mak belum fikir nak bubuh nama apa. Yusuf? maybe. Feel free to give me any idea ;) and doakan kami sekeluarga. InsyaAllah. Till then, Salam.


  1. kita sama lah ada 3 hero hihi...and dah tutup production jugak...fenatt nak rehat pulak lepas ni....tapi teringin nak girlsss haha

    1. Ni nak masuk 4 heroes pulak kak. Takut tak sempat nak tarik nafas je ni.

  2. Tahniah sis.. Apa kata bubuh muhammad Iman..

  3. suka nama yusuf. ok jugak letak nama tu :)

  4. assalamualaikum sha Allah semoga semuanya okay jer...
    ** Mama Maszull



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